Dev Q&A: March 2022

Discussion for this session will include these topics:

These topics are open for you to post your thoughts and feedback, and we’ll be reviewing it and responding just as we do the rest of the forums.

We think the last three Q&A sessions were great and will be using the same format! We’re going to collect questions from you and then post the answer in an organized thread. We want the live session to be fun and lighthearted, but we also want to address your questions.

Post your questions for us here by Tuesday (3/22) at 12pm CT!

Our live Q&A will be Thursday, March 17th at 1pm CT


Who is starring this time? :smiley:

I don’t have their forum name’s just yet, but 2 QA members, a Designer, Product Owner and Artist!


1 hour till the start?

This was a very nice session @Loutre and all. Lots of interesting answers, some really unexpected ones and fun athmosphere. Looking forward to the next one… in September?


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@PBLudwig re. the balancing, that does sound like a lot of fun! Reminds me of systems that are used to model climate etc. Thanks :grinning:

Thanks all for popping up for a bit :wave: :+1:

I’m sure there will be further questions that pop up here from players who couldn’t make it for the hour - hopefully you’ll get to see some and post a bit this afternoon, and I look forward to reading the answers to the other topics next week :slight_smile:

Players who didn’t make it to the live Q&A can post in this thread!

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