Dev Q&A: September 2021

Discussion for this session will include these topics:

These topics are open for you to post your thoughts and feedback, and we’ll be reviewing it and responding just as we do the rest of the forums.

We think the last two Q&A sessions were great and will be using the same format! We’re going to collect questions from you and then post the answer in an organized thread. We want the live session to be fun and lighthearted, but we also want to address your questions.

Post your questions here and we will do our best to answer them!

Our live Q&A will be Thursday, September 30th at 1pm CT

Here’s the team that will be responding in this live Q&A:

Polaris - Product Owner
Loutre - Community Manager
Bluecove - Hero Design
Coach - Art
PBLudwig - Design


What gives y’all the idea of creating this game?

@Loutre Hope you don’t mind if I ask, but when are the responses to our questions going to be posted?

Not to nag, but rather from the fact that it would be really appreciated if the responses could be posted before the Q&A like an hour before, so that we have time to read them and not necessarily trying to ask the same questions in the live Q&A post :-).

For a previous live Q&A the responses were posted during the live Q&A, which caused to not be able to read the responses properly so we instead didn’t have as good of a live Q&A experience.

Hope it is fine that I write all this and yeah looking forward to the live Q&A and the responses :-).


When the team is done answering them. I hope to get them posted right before the Q&A


1h 41 mins till the start, right? I missed the last one by accident.

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That’s correct.

Been busy, but yeah I hope to actually get 10 minutes to read the responses as otherwise it will be hard to actually read the responses before the live Q&A.

Just some feedback :-).

So we can ask questions in the live Q&A because I missed the chance to post a question the thread that was closed yesterday?

I can get them up in 10 minutes, but all of the questions will not be answered.

I think Kira means they hope to have 10 minutes before the live Q&A to read over the responses.

This means a whole hour to read the questions before live chat, which is better.

This means that easier/shorter answers will be posted (now) and the rest later on? Or part of the questions will never be answered?

Part of the questions will not be answered.

I wouldn´t mind waiting for the questions even after the Q and A if more can be answered. Not like Q and A will revolve around them - it should not. Primary use of Q and A is fun.


Responses are up!

About 40ish minutes to the live Q&A!


Can we write some start-up questions uhm… now? I have 4-5.

I’ll have the thread up in 10ish minutes. Depends on when we are all ready to go.


Technically meant at 11.50AM CT at least in terms of the responses, but yeah it is nice that we got the responses early enough to have time to read them :-).

Although, I didn’t see the Friendship Story Missions question get answered, so I guess I ask that in the live Q&A.

(Will likely be a few minutes late due to real life, but yeah hopefully not that late).

I have 5+1 questions ready to be copied into Q and A. The “+1” is kind of uhmmm probably internal.

Live Q&A is up!

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