Dhbm forum app


Anyone else?

How in heck did u get dis?

I can’t find it on the App Store. Maybe it is only on Android

I didn’t even install it…

Okay then how?

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Looks like edit…

Does that prove it?

Sounds like it’s only in Android and not Apple

No. Because that is still on a website

That is a Chrome app. It is only available if you use Google Chrome.

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Do you mean Android?

Yes. I don’t use Chrome before. But when I started to use it, I got the app.

Well not for me

Android Chrome has a button ‘Add to Home Screen’. It creates a shortcut on the home screen using the favicon of the website & tries to open it as a PWA. That’s all. No app here.

Yep, exactly this. I have it too. It’s great and useful but it’s not an app.