DHBM Heroes Database 1.2.1 (YEAR 6 BEGINS!)

I think the ones summoned are like “allies” if you get what I mean.

Well, they definitely should be at least added here…

But summoned… well, all of them are, so still could fit here as well.

That’s not what it means, though…

So, as mentioned before, I am a Dataminer.
Everyone in the Summoned category and Everyone in the Inflicted category are counted as “Units”. So is every hero, creep and boss (And the test dummy from the dev q&a) in the game. Units. They are all units. That’s what this list is for. Units.
Speaking of, I’ve been thinking of making a Creep database… would anybody be interested in that?
Another idea I’ve had is adding a “Other characters” section. For Characters who appear in battle but are not units. Like Pluto and the characters mentioned above by all of you. But that also conflicts with the Units only thing.


Yeah creeps are part of the game xd

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I’m aware it was possible to use Fozzie on May 5th.
However you could not unlock him so I will not add him as being released. I will add him as a confirmed Upcoming hero.

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Fozzie will be released on May 10th!

The 3rd year is coming to an end, there is basically no way we will get a new hero before the 4th year starts.
So late in the day on May 16th in Central Time (The time PB works in) this will be updated to show that the 3rd year has ended, and the 4th year has begun!
Start your countdowns, we only have 51 hours till the 3rd anniversary!

Happy Anniversary everyone! :tada:


In 4 hours and 20 minutes the 3rd Anniversary will take place!

I however will be asleep so I updated the thread early!


Kristoff’s white skill does not summon Sven :thinking:

I’m going to be adding creeps and Bosses to the top post, due to popular request.
As such the list won’t really be a Hero database, it will be a Unit database.
Should I change the name of the post?

  • Yes They Are Called Units
  • No The Original Name is More Recognizable

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Everyone please give a big warm welcome to the first Year 4 Hero: Russell And Kevin!

Coming May 25th!


Hi, please try to be on topic in the future.

Edit: You joined 8 minutes ago so I’m 99% sure you’re an alt



Joining and instantly posting something irrelevant on a thread most new users wouldn’t be looking for is almost always the hallmark of an alt.


The June Sign in will be Esmeralda!


After nearly a month with no new officially confirmed Characters, Quackerjack is coming June 22nd!
Soon after The Sherrif of Nottingham will be released in the City Watch Crate.

The Sherrif of Nottingham is Now Available!
He is the 149th hero!


Congratulations Ron Stoppable!
Ron Stoppable is the July Sign in!
AND the 150th Hero! :tada:


Btw I think you are missing Terror Teddy

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