DHBM Heroes Database 1.2.1 (YEAR 6 IS OVER!)

Yet you couldn’t remember a group of 6 people?


The emojis were supposed to make it seem like a joke


Mickey Mouse? Sounds like a compliment.


Just replying so I can get the updates for upcoming heroes because I no longer care if I am spoiled but I do not spoil it for others :smile:


Uh- no. A crying emoji makes the sentence sound satirical, which is what the sentence is. A laughing emoji wouldn’t make sense in the context of the joke, since it doesn’t do anything to change the meaning of the joke.

I deleted all my replys, so I’ll just shut up and be silent like the stupid person I am. I understand my place in the forums, so I’m really sorry. I have deleted all my replys to this topic and I wont reply again as long as it doesnt make any childish arguments over my stupidity. I am really sorry.

That is great that you realized what you said was wrong, but there is no need to stay silent. We move on and learn from our mistakes. Please do not feel that you need to leave the forums or stay quiet.


Update: Kermit and The Swedish Chef have been added

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Dang it I was about to say that

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Let’s just wait for a certain character…

And he has :upside_down_face:

Yeah I’m happy they in except there’s only one thing missing from the update

That makes me so happy. To see that my suggestion got the ball back to rolling for Kermit to release.

Now all we need is ron stoppable and rufus, perblue.


I counted 134 :thinking:

And Shego as well.

They never said they were coming, did they? :upside_down_face:

It was just a suggestion. Not spoilers. Also, now you just suggest he’s coming.


Yeah, anyway The Swedish Chef is now available so I updated the post.

Update: Dr. Drakken has been confirmed to be coming to the game.

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