DHBM: Reborn (Story Series)

Thank you so much for the feedback :grinning:

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I am intrigued and excited!!!

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Wait a minute…what about Mickey? Please let him still be a mouse! …Or the mayor of the city…

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Mickey Mouse will 100% appear and he won’t have a small role so don’t worry :grinning:

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Oh thank goodness…

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Do you already have the story finished?


These kinds of stories take time to finish. And they are posting one chapter at a time.

Ok I understand my fanfic isn’t as well developed but I’m still working on it and I started weeks ago (by not well developed I mean it kind of sucks and I’ve been going too fast on it)

So know you see the point we were trying to make in the other thread?

Not yet, it’ll be finished in a few days or so, like @Djaq_Frost said it takes time. But don’t worry it’ll be out soon :grin::+1:

I was just curious thanks! :grin:


No problem! :+1::grin::+1:

Feel the wrath of The Queen!

Chapter 2, Expected tomorrow :bulb:

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Chapter 2: The Queen
Has officially released!
Enjoy the story!


I’m pretty sure you know this but just in case, The Walton Colony is fictional and not real it is based on the real Roanoke Colony but The Walton Colony itself is not real! :grin:


Riley huh?? How does that work? :grimacing:

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Announcement: The ending has been changed entirely :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, okay, now we got to what I predicted would happen. :grin:


:smiley: I’m glad you liked the new ending! :+1:


I hate reviving topics, buy since the story is still on going I wanted to say it is awesome! Great story, characters, grammar and I can’t wait for more of it!

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Thank you so much!
I’m glad you enjoyed the story!
New chapters are sure to come too so stay tuned :slightly_smiling_face:

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