Diamond crates when new heroes come out


Hi guys, i’m pretty new to the game and especially on the forum because i had some login issues. But i’m here, and i have few questions but let’s start with this one. So i’ve gathered diamond crates from contest and have saved up solid amount of diamonds, thing that interest me is what are or how are the drop rates changing when crates refresh via update which will happen tomorrow/today depends on your timezone. I know drop rates are “fixed” but i know that in most of games of this type that i played, there is a difference in drop rates for example in the start of event or something like that. I’m on server 18, we get Tia as sign and Barbarosa in crates, and here is the full list of heroes in s18 here (i could not find it anywhere concise on forum so i’ve made my own in picture i hope it doesn’t violate any rules of forum) https://imgur.com/a/MVuKss5 .
Is it worth to spend it tommorow (diamonds if it has some sort of discount of course) or to wait big update for anniversary?


Well, we don’t know what’s waiting us for the anniversary, so can’t be sure here. But a little advice: don’t buy diamond crates. The game often offers better ways to spend your diamonds :gem:


Hi @Divljak and welcome to the forums.
Firstly, @MSH_Studios is right that generally it’s not a great idea to buy diamond crates unless there is a really good offer on.

As far as I know the drop rates of the crates are constant (approximately 1 in every 5 crates you open will drop a full hero, regardless of when you get the crate or when you open it). The contents of the crate is decided when the crate opens, not when you get the crate, so it’s sometimes a good idea to hold onto as many of your crates as you can until new characters are released, that way you improve your chances of getting someone you haven’t already got (unless you are missing quite a lot of characters in which case it’s a good idea to open them sooner).

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That’s what i meant by discount, but should have been a little bit more precise there. Than i should better save all of it for anniversary?


That’s right my dillema, jsut how good will be anniversary. But you answered some of my doubts, thanks. :smiley:


No way of knowing what the anniversary will bring. My advice would be not to worry about the anniversary, if you think it is right for you now to spend them then go for it.

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Could you tell me when is the anniversary ??? Date or near about


According to Disney Wiki, this game was launched at the 17th of May. Very soon, I guess.


May 17 I believe was the global launch day


Hey, I would wait till next update. Your server is bound to get new heroes as well. Then you have a better chance of unlocking them.

Plot Twist: Anniversary boosts all servers up and on Par with Server 1…wow that would be strange.


Thanks for opinion, that would be to much i think , altough Merida and Jack are obnoxius to play against and don’t have to much counters here😂


I think it was May 16. Yeah, pretty sure. Gonna need 2 search it up just in case.


It says 16th on playstore

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