[Discussion] Raya and the Last Dragon

So… there is a really good(?) movie coming in few weeks, and most of the characters fit very well to this game (at least from the trailer), and there was some discussion on other thread… so better keep it all here…


It’s a place to discuss the trailer, how they could fit in-game (friendships) and the thoughts when the movie will be released.


Thanks Musk for starting a topic.

I will copy what I posted over there to continue a respectful debate of sorts.

As for them coming into the game, I would love to see it of course. I do plan to make some concepts of them if PB does not get to it first lol as some of you already know. Raya & Sisu for sure and maybe the others. Like Raya’s enemy that I do not remember the name of.

They have a name?!? Lol. I think for a second wave of heroes from the franchise, we will get the following…

Con-baby and white monkeys
Fellowship of butt-kickery dude
Lets go :smirk: kid
They have names, I do not know them

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Namaari is her name. But I would be looking support forward to your concepts if they don’t come earlier. This is gonna be a gr8 movie, I can tell.


I will also mention something that I said in the other thread:

Now, granted, Musk themselves has mentioned that Duke Caboom was released a couple of weeks before his movie came out. So really, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Raya’s moveset would probably include a lot of her Sword of the Creator - I mean, chain sword. Maybe using it to reach far-off enemies?

I could definitely see Raya having a Friendship with at least one Disney princess, maybe Moana given how similar they are, but on the other hand, PB may want to pair her with someone else for a bit more uniqueness.

I am 100% in favor of a Sisu/Mushu campaign though and I’d be disappointed if it didn’t happen.


Oh, and Bo and D&B were realeased on the same day TS4 was released :upside_down_face:


I could definitely see Raya having a friendship with Mulan or maybe Elsa. Sisu maybe also with Maui, since they’re both legendary heroes that used to be in action until they weren’t but then come back for the events of the movie.

Of course, that’s just a idea though.

Oh, so…

I thought about the friendships for the main heroes from the movie…

Raya - Mulan and Kim
Sisu - Mushu and Violet
Tuk Tuk - Baymax and Raya/Timon
Noi - Jack-Jack and Aladdin/Flynn
Namaari (if she won’t turn good) - Shan and Calhoun

But that’s, of course, thoughts after the trailer only, a lot can change in a movie like death, turning bad/good or who-knows-what-else.

The trailer (and the movie?) looks amazing, once possible I will really want to watch this movie.


Who is Noi?

What’s amazing after being in trailer only for 5 seconds it’s already possible to build full skillset for her.


My question is: Where are Noi’s parents and how the heck is she a better fighter than the average person?

I would put “Noi” with some of those white monkeys, so they are notion small

Kim would be an interesting choice. I’d be down for that.

I like these ones. Although, I will say, this happening will probably depend on whether or not PB decides to use Tuk Tuk’s larger form. If they use his smaller form, he may just appear in Raya’s skillset.

Perfect. :rofl:

I think large one, otherwise Sisu and everyone who is not Raya won’t be possible to add (timeline).
Tuk Tuk looks like excellent and strong tank.


Not to mention adorable

…that is debatable.

No, he is. At least in his baby form

I can only agree.

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I was a little sad when I realized that part in the trailer was a flashback, and Tuk Tuk would be big

I would picture Raya having a friendship with another mythical creature like Genie, Goliath, or Corey.

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