Disk power gain

Looks like disk power is the biggest issue in the game now everything advanced so much since the game start the gold cost and the gold gain the xp cost and the xp gain , disk power cost but the gain not so much even on the hardest heist lvl u still get 4.5k disk power only and its the only thing u can do many times to try and get somewhere but it’s impossible with such a low gain when maxing disk is 1m disk power now wish you guys make it more proportional.

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I would just propose give more from missions. It’s a easy source of disk power, but it doesn’t give a lot.

I’d like to see disk power payouts increased across the board: war crates, heist, missions, everywhere. I’d also like to have an option to de-level a disk I’m no longer using and get back a portion of that disk power, preferably 60-70% but I’ll take 50%.

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