Disney Characters that start with A

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If you make one of these for every letter…:zipper_mouth_face:

Someone delete this topic

Why does it need to be deleted?

Surprisingly there is another Disney character called Alice who predated Mickey Mouse

It is off topic. I made the topic

It’s Disney related so it’s not off topic really

If you made the topic you can delete it.

I can’t,

I could be wrong on this but I think only regulars can delete stuff.

When I Was regular I couldn’t delete topics I think only forum staff members are allowed to delete topics.

Really strange…because I have the bin…and I’m a regular…

What does it say here?
“Where is the bin (?)”… XD

Must have been a glitch for me then at the time.

That’s your own topic, perhaps regulars can delete their own posts and staff can delete anyone’s post.

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