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Song of the south?

Zootopia? Aristocats?

Hint 2: It mainly takes place in a shopping mall.

Phineas and ferb?

Main characters animals?


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The one and only Ivan?


Google said that

Yes! After the movie comes out this Friday to Disney plus, I will start making concepts for the characters. It’s a great book too. Read it if you have the chance.


Nice idea! I should think about doing something like that in the future.


I’m thinking of doing it with the p&f movie

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Lol I thought you were talking about Princess and the Frog at first.

No thats p&tf


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Now that my One And Only Ivan series has concluded, feel free to request a concept.

Do Celia from monster’s Inc!

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Can you do a Sadness concept?

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So Perblue announced Ian Lightfoot today, which means I get to do a comparison! Yay!

Ian Lightfoot

Ian Lightfoot is a back-line ”Control” hero. Ian Lightfoot will be available in Diamond Crates on Servers 1-22


Voltar Thundasir
Ian casts Voltar Thundasir at the closest enemies in an area, dealing damage per second and knocking them back every second for the spell duration. The duration of the spell increases each time he performs “Voltar Thundasir.”

Boom Bastia
Ian casts Boom Bastia, dealing damage and blinding enemies.

Magnora Gantuan
Ian attempts to cast Magnora Gantuan on an ally but misfires, instead shrinking the closest enemy. Enemies shrunk by this spell have their max HP, basic damage and movement speed reduced. Shrunk enemies are knocked back farther and can only basic attack when shrunk.

Reflection Spell
At the beginning of each wave, Ian applies Reflect to the furthest back ally, including himself. Heroes with Reflect return a percent of damage dealt to them back at the enemy who dealt the damage. This damage cannot be avoided by dodges.

Stronger Magic
When Ian or an ally with Reflect takes damage, Ian gains energy. Ian gains stacks of Hardy each time he uses “Voltar Thundasir.”


  • Ian Lightfoot and Goliath
  • Ian Lightfoot and Merlin

Ian Lightfoot
:star::star: Mid-Line Damage

With the gift of magic, Ian damages foes with various spells.

“I think, with a little bit of magic in your life, you can do almost anything.”


Entrance Animation: Ian walks out and gets into position.

Victory Animation: Raises his wizard staff and shoots small fireworks.

Defeat Animation: He drops his staff and looks down and sighs.


Basic Attack: Ian shoots a spark out of his staff.

White Skill: Boombastia

Fantastic damage :sparkles:

Passive - Basic attack applies 1 stack of Magic on the target.

Active - Ian casts Boombastia at the enemy with the most health, dealing X damage to the enemy and removes all stacks of Magic on the field, dealing Y more damage for each stack of Magic removed.

Green Skill: Magnora Gantuan

Ian casts Magnora Gantuan on the ally who has dealt the most damage. The ally’s Attack Speed and Attack will increase by 100% for 8 seconds. This attack applies 1 stack of Magic to the target ally.

Blue Skill: Voltar Thundasir


True Damage :shield:

Each time Ian falls below 50% health, he casts Voltar Thundasir on all enemies, dealing X damage and deals Y more damage over 10 seconds. This attack applies 1 stack of Magic to all hit enemies.

Purple Skill: The Gift of Magic


Fantastic Damage :sparkles:

When Ian uses Boombastia, he heals for X for each stack of Magic removed from the field. Boombastia gains X splash damage.

Red Skill: The Right Path

Boombastia also blinds enemies for 7 seconds. Voltar Thundasir also lowers the enemies speed by 100%.

+X Basic damage
+Y Skill Power
+Z Damage from Voltar Thundasir


Ian Lightfoot and Madam Mim
Campaign: The True Meaning of Magic
Disk: Mad Magic- Blind duration is increased by 2 seconds per star.
Description: After losing to Merlin in a duel, Mim challenges Ian to a duel.
Allies: Merlin, Rapunzel, Maleficent

Ian Lightfoot and Rapunzel
Campaign: Happy Belated Birthday to Us
Disk: Party Time- 5% more damage per star to enemies with at least 1 stack of Magic.
Description: Ian and Rapunzel celebrate their belated birthday parties.
Allies: Miss Piggy, Mad Hatter, Alice

  • Both use Voltar Thundasir, Boombastia, and Magnora Gantuan

  • Control rather than damage

  • Shrinking sounds amazing

  • Reflecting sounds amazing

  • Merlin is better than Mim, and I must say I’m intrigued how Goliath will work out

  • Just about everything with Perblue’s Ian sounds like it will last longer in battle and overall looks a lot better.

I’m very excited to see how he will turn out!



  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz concept added
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