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:+1: Great concept! Keep up the good work!

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hey slinky dog thx you are one of my most favourite Disney heroes battle mode Poeple

Oh my!!! You’ve edited it. Wow :star_struck:… I love this.

Are they actually? I think it’s incredible that you know all this.

And you know what… you’re one of my favourite Poeple too :grin:

It’s just a prediction hey but I hope they come

uh are you being sarcastic Slinky? I am scared

you changed a lot Slinky

Plz don’t ignore my concept Plz put effort into this. Plz don’t ignore it

Hey if no one replies to your concept that doesn’t mean no one’s hasn’t seen it

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uh people have replied look up

I know but your still desperate for replies, I was just letting you know

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