Disney Heroes: Battle Mode guide!

Welcome to my new guide. In this post I will be making a tutorial on how to play the game. Of course some I optional on how you play. Like spending money. But I will not be doing any of that in this guide. It will all be F2P. If you like the guide like the post. And this will be updated daily or weekly.

Beginning tutorial!

When you start you will be thrown into a battle which is impossible to loose. But it will teach you how to play. You soon be taken out of battle and into the city. Once you are able to scroll around, you hit on the building with the arrow above it. You will be able to get a diamond crate. In the crate you will get a new hero “Frozone” and you also get a gold crate.

In the gold crate you get a “Badge of friendship” which can be used on frozone. Once you equip the badge you need to go back to the campaign and start on chapter 1!

Chapter 1

Once you finish the following you will be sent to the campaign and start on chapter 1! When you get into hero select make sure you put them all on. In the battle do not use the specials they will not help you until the finale wave. After the first battle, you will get a note that you should read. Once you are done with the battle. Go to the inbox and take your new rewards! If you re playing when this post comes out you can get a free 3 star! Once you are done go to the main menu and hit the gift on the bottom right of the screen. You you will be given a chance to get a 2 star character. My usual choice is Mr. Incredible. He is a better tank then Ralph. When you are ready go back to campaign to go back into the game. Make sure you put on your new characters!

Each time you get rewards make sure you equip the badges. I will be putting them on Minnie because she is the best character I have. And put the two other badges on Frozone or Elastic girl. Each time go back to the battle and then back to your heroes. A note do tr work on Ralph to much. He is one of the worst heroes. Other heroes you start with are not great but Frozone can be the best character from the start. Or if you have Minnie.

You will now be TL 2! Once you do so you get 5 Chios for vanellope keep improving your heroes and get back to battle! Once you have beaten “Atlantis Ave. Rooftops” you will get 2 chips for Tax in your medals. Back to battle. You will get 5 ore chips for beating “Market Square rooftops” you can now unlock vanellope. You also get 5 mini XP drinks. once you get back to your team select get rid of Ralph if you have Minnie. But if you do not use vanellope.

If you have kept on doing battles you should now be TL 3! You should also be able to get your first green hero! They now get a green skill! You also get 500 gold for getting a hero to green. Every 10 minutes make sure you open a gold crate. If you Santo get some extra items go to the blimp above the sign-in and crates click on the videos and watch 3 to get rewards.once you are done go back to campaign to keep battling. Once you beat the next battle a quest will be done once you accept it you will be TL 7! You will now be able to hit “Fast foward” in battles to make the battle go faster. you will also obtain 1 chip for Ralph if you goto medals. You can also make another hero green I would say make it Frozone. Make sure you get back to battle.

Auto is also unlocked you no longer have to click the screen. Once another hero is green you get 1000 gold and after the last battle you get 3 more chips for yax. You will also have a video crate. Which is random. If you were opening crates you should now have opened 5 crates. You should now be TL 8! Now you can level up skills. Also don’t forget to level up your heroes next to stats.

If you leveled up some skills, you can take some gold and XP from your quests. You should be TL 9 now. Make sure you go back to battle! Once you have beaten “3RD AVE. ROOFTOPS” you can take 10 gems from your medals. Make sure you are battling after everything I tell you. Before the next chapter yoiu can claim some gold from medals.

Global chat

Make sure once yo hit TL 3 that you be respectful in global. Treat people how you want to be treated. Perblue can ban you if you don’t follow the rules.

Chapter 2

After chapter 1 youy get to chapter 2 which is harder then chapter 1 but should be easy enough. If you have been equipping badges you should have 3 greens by now. And your team should have around 1’000 power. After a long wait. After the second battle of chapter 2 you can unlock tax go to medals to get his 4 chips. If you need a healer then take off Vanellope. But if you don’t have Minnie take off Ralph.

By now you should be TL 10! Go to medals and unlock 2 chips for vanellope and go to inbox to get 50 gems and 10 silver credits. Go to the main menu and go to arena. Pick a battle with power around the same or lower then yours if you win good job!

It is time to go back to the battle. Now you might have 4 greens. Once you have beaten “DOCK 33C” you can collect 10 hems from medals. Depending on how much gold you have. You can get Minnie to 2 stars! If you have beaten “FLOTSAM ALLY” Go to medals and get 10 gems.

Once you beat chapter 2 you unlock the market! Buy badges to make your heroes stronger! You will also get 10 gems if you have beaten “DOCK 5A”

Chapter 3

If you have not. Go to ur characters you level them up! Buy now you should have 5 green heroes. If yoiu do o to medals and get 5000 gold.

You should now be TL 11 and unlock Elite campaign, and diamond quest. You also should have 10 gems in the medals for completing “FIDDLE ROAD”

Continue battling to get better teams! I am out of stamina. So hit the + next to the stamina to get more! For a limited time get extra! After you buy it, go to quests and claim Your rewards and might be TL 12 now! And you will get more gold! If you want to level up again go to Elite and battle by doing elite battles you get more gems! Once you do 3 you get 150 XP! You level up to TL 13!

If yoiu have fought in arena 3 times you will get 100 XP! And level up again and unlock the port! Make sure you do the battles they are always worth it!

When you wait to continue the port go back to chapter 13.

I will no longer say how many gems you get. Or where. If you have been working on a certain character they might be Green 1. Make sure yoiu work on every character on your team. You get 7,500 gold for getting a hero to green 1. If you have not beaten every level in chapter 3 make sure you do.

Beginning tips!
  1. Level up heroes!
  2. Make sure you level up your skills.
  3. Open gold crates.
  4. Give your heroes badges.

Once yoiu are TL 11 you can do elite battles. They are harder because the enemies are more powerful. They ha higher levels, but you can get hero chips!

Diamond quest

Unlock by being level 11. Yoiu can get more diamond crates! By the start you can get 4! A hero is not promised but you have a chance. I got chief bogo. But I will not be using him on any of my teams. The way to get more is my completing daily quests make sure you do them it is a good way to get new heroes!

The port

The port is a good way to get gold or XP. Each day yoiu get either gold or Xp it depends on the day. If you do them two daily battles you get 100 XP make sure yoiu do them daily.

Also on Sunday both ports open up. So get double rewards!


Once you hit TL 15 you can join a guild. In a guild you can sign in you help everyone in your guild. Help with surge, help with guild war and much much more!

Chapter 4

Once you unlock this chapter by being TL 16 you can continue in the story. After you unlock guilds you can do elite battles to get to level 16.

This is the chapter when things get a little harder. So make sure ur team is higher in level. It should be beatable if yoiu have leveled up your team skills and level. If your characters are still dying raid early levels to get stronger heroes.

After me grinding for a while I got my 2 top heroes to blue. An went through the rest o the campaign. And did my daily missions the next day. Once I hit TL 25 I got 5 frozone chips from medals and got two free diamond crates for diamond quest. I got 5 grande XP drinks from medals after I got sally! After a long time of raiding I got 3 video crates and watching them is always a good idea.

To hit TL 26 doing daily challenges is key. At TL 25 you also unlock city watch. Which should be easy enough at first. But look at the guide for city watch for a full guide. After doing some grinding I hit TL 26 and I unlocked collections and chapter 5!

Chapter 5

After I claimed my booster crates from collection guide down below! I could continue on the campaign. I also got frozone to blue so it would be much easier.

Going through the campaign can be boring. But it is worth the time. Because you can level up. And get more badges for your team.

After making it through chapter 5 I saw how easy of was. So after I still had so much stamina I decided going through elite move is the best idea. I finally got to level 27 from grinding in elite. Make sure your team is strong enough for the next chapter as well.

City watch!

City watch is easy at the start but gets ridiculously hard. I will update this later to get u full info!

Server: 21!
Guild: Next up forever.



Maybe the worst hero in the game. He is weak and not worth using and spending anything on. Any tank can be better.


She has a very good white skill. And if you are starting out she will be very helpful!

This post is a WIP. I hope you like it so far. Also if you are on server 21 please join the guild I need your herlp to make a better post.


This is a great star for many new players. Perhaps maybe you can touch on stuff like friends in chat, blocking, and friendships for characters

Thank you.

I do plan on adding much more including that. But it is very hard to make such a post.

nice if you need something wrote about market i can if you want.

Isn’t this copyright, also, what is the point of posting it, if they are already in your guild, they will already know this stuff, unless your guild is lower than level 16 but we’ll need a screenshot to prove it

Oh I thought someone flagged you or something, also, how do you do a link in guild wall

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First update :partying_face:

Rest of chapter 4 and chapter 5!

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