Disney Heroes story Bracket

In this threat similar to elimination games you vote for a certain character to be removed. But instead of jus that, there is a story to go along with it. With out further wait, here.


Source list.

Mickey Mouse 1

  • Hot dogs.
  • Magic
  • Paint

Home stadium: House of Mouse.

Woody 2
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  • Toys
  • Pull string
  • Sheriffs.

Home stadium: Andy’s room.

Jessie 3

  • Animals
  • Dark
  • Jumping

Home stadium: The wild west.

Maui 4
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  • his hook
  • Shape shifting.
  • Himself.

Home stadium: His island.

Alice 5
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  • Cookies
  • Tea
  • Dreaming.

Home stadium: Wonderland.

Dumbo 6
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  • Flying
  • Peanuts
  • Elephants

Home stadium: The circus.

Baymax 16
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  • Flying
  • Rocket fist
  • Scanning

Home stadium: San Fransokyo

Tigger 17

  • Bouncing
  • Hopping
  • ???

Home stadium: The hundred Acer woods skull

Baloo 32

  • trees
  • Crawling
  • Climbing

Home stadium: the jungle

More for each round!


Round 1!

“Haha, glad to be back home. Now I can relax and spend time with Minnie!” Mickey went to relax on the couch and to watch some TV. As he turned it on he saw his friend Oswald, he said. “Mickey? Can you hear me?” He tapped on the screen. “Oswald! Is everything okay?” Mickey put his hand on his chin. “Yeah! I was just wondering if you could come help me?” Oswald pleaded to Mickey. “Sure…” Mickey ran to get some paint and his sorcerer hat. As he walked into the TV screen he heard cheering all around him. Next to him was a huge bear. “Hey Mick, follow the arrows to get to your house.” Oswald pointed him in the direction.

Mickey finally got to a huge mansion with many floors just for him. He opened the front door, a flight of stairs right in from of him. And a elavator to all the floors. He ran into it and pressed the top button. After a fee seconds the doors open and he saw a huge bed. He ran to it and lied down.

The bear slowly walked to a huge jungle to try to get some refreshments. The name was Baloo, Oswald brought him to this place as well through a cave. He was just resting. But now he has to fight for his freedom out of this place.

Round 1 winner!

A alarm sound went off in Mickey’s house. Oswald’s voice right after, “Attention! Everyone go to the jungle! Follow the arrows to get there! He said. Mickey jumped up and ran out the door. He followed the arrows to a jungle where the bear Baloo stood awaiting him. Huge barrier’s formed around them as people ran towards them. Very soon there was a crowd cheering. " Fght fight fight!” A voice told them.

Baloo started walking around Mickey, just then, Mickey flung some paint at him sticking him to the ground. He got his arms around a tree and he started pulling himself away from it. Baloo jumped off the tree hitting Mickey towards the back of the stadium. Mickey tried getting up, but a trap door fell making mickey fall into it. He quickly grasped the ledge, pulling up from the trap. Mickey then used his magic to make baloo disappear.

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Round 2!

*“Yahhh” Tigger yawned. “Hello, I am Baymax. How can I assist you?” “Who are you marshmallow boy?” Tigger asked. “I am Bay-” Baymax got cut off by a huge alarm sound in the distance.

  • Tigger
  • Baymax

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May wanna fix the poll :grimacing:


Yeah, for some reason you can’t create polls in the “Hidden Details” section

That was my bad. Fixed it.

Hmm? I’ve seen this somewhere before

Probably :eyes:

We need to vote for who we want to be out, right?

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Cool. I am slighty confused, but cool.

Altough maybe the things aren’t related, but, in the first image I see Mickey being paired eith with Belle, and Baloo is later with Kim Possible? So it should be Mickey VS Belle? Or I got it wrong?


It kept getting flipped. I’ll fix the image.

The picture of the bracket is a bit to small to read everything, but the concept seems fun!

And is it right there is no text on Baloo?

That is what I was wondering.

As of now!

The story will be updated frequently.

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How did you created the bracket?

This site.

Oh no, not that website again. Thanks, anyway

Oh this looks like fun! But I don’t know which character I want to win (but I do have some ideas on who).

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Next round will began shortly. Come check the results!

Wait so the one who gets the most votes wins?

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