Disney Princesses

What is the best Disney Princesses team I can make at the moment?

I wanted to build a full Disney Princess team for a while,and already have Rapunzel,Belle,Moana,Merida,and Jasmine all Red+4. I also have an untouched Mulan which I’m unsure if I should replace Belle with once I raise her(Since Mulan IS my favorite Disney Princess,and people say she’s a great Damage hero.)

Anyone has any hints for a full Disney Princess team?

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I don’t think a team like that would be really viable, but if you were to choose who to leave out, it’d be Merida. Belle, Mulan and Rapunzel are all really powerful, and Jasmine can protect them with Rajah and give energy. As for Moana, maybe with Rapunzel’s hardy she can act as a tank for the team, altough she’s pretty easy to beat now.

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