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Oh…well I’m curious on who you had in mind??

They are very “skinny”

Skinny??? Hmmm

Skinny??? skinny??? who is skinny???

“They” can be singular

Is the character a boy or a girl

I can’t say


  • Removed Hamm from the list, as he would be extremely challenging to make with his short legs
  • I have disabled the link to my Rapunzel concept due to her arrival to the game
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Ok I got a good suggestion this time

how about clopin from the hunchback of Notre dame

Eh… if I find a skillset then maybe

Clopin isn’t that hard to do, but haven’t you made a concept for him earlier? I remember you making concepts for the rest of THoND, not sure about that one.

No, I only made concepts for the main characters, Quasi, Esmeralda, Phoebus, and Frollo

Will you take my suggestions?


Then I will tell you these :
Wreck it Ralph:
Surge protector

Gravity falls:
Rumble McSkirmish
L’il Gideon

Milo Murphy’s Law:-
Milo Murphy

Phineas and Ferb:
Phineas and Ferb
Perry the Platypus

Star vs. the forces of evil:
Star Butterfly

Jake long


No, thank you !

Well fine then it is your choice

Why couldn’t you suggest these where they are meant to be suggested…

I don’t know where are they meant to be suggested?

@The_Death_Note are you in discord bc i want to ask you some questions on how to edit on topics.
(PS i love your works its amazing)

  1. Yes, I am
  2. Thank you
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Whats your name? Nvm i saw you lol

Where do I suggest heroes

To be honest I didn't notice you did so much concepts. 
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Surprising. Speaking of the fact that I post a concept once a week.

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