Do areas 5 to 9 reset when done?

My guild mates defeated areas 5 to 9. I See it in the protocol but there is nothing to See in the map. I can do these areas again. Do they reset when These areas are done?

Normally we only attack 9 to 27 bc the other areas are too strong.

All areas of a cleared region get reset when the wave is finished.

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Your first screenshot shows that those areas were cleared more than 2 hours ago. It is likely that in that time the wave has been completed. That would explain why they show as competed (for that particular wave) in the logs but the map shows them as undefeated.

Partially completed areas stay partially completed when a wave is cleared. Fully completed areas reset with each new wave.

My guild says not to do levels 1-9 but those are always the starred ones for me

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