Do disk (de)buffs only apply while the hero is alive?

Not sure if the effects are only applied if the hero is alive.

I pretty sure it still applies. But i’m not sure. Never thought about it before.

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I think most, if not all, buffs/debuffs are meant to end if the hero applying them is KO’d. I know they’ve had to change Pooh so his Hunny stacks get removed once he’s KO’d, for example.

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With Joy however is a different situation, when she dies, the reality and armor is still applied to allies, from her stacks of happiness

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Although I don’t understand what part of a disk are you referring to.
If its the part of “X Hp to Y and Allies” or something like that it stays throughout the whole battle if the hero was at the begining of a wave.
Same with “Support enemies lose X basic damage”.

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I was just looking back at Launchpad’s Hiro disk. (Control heros gain 100% stun length)

Im curious as to if that stun length applies even after he dies (cuz i like the bonus stun, but my Launchpad dies very quicky).

I can understand that disks that give max hp at the beginning of the wave cant be taken away. Those are fairly understandable.

Yes it keeps working after he dies.
Some do, some don’t, I have no idea why. But Launchpad’s Hiro disk keeps working after he dies

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It works as long as

  • It involves a specific group of heroes (or all)
  • Applied on enemies without involving specific skill
  • Buff which can be applied by many heroes (shields)
  • The skill description has mentioned ‘‘allies’’ but isn’t tied to hero itself
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But then there’s Goofy’s Jessie disk that only works while he’s alive, despite not being tied to him

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And kims joy disk? Do you know if it applies after she dies?

I seem it does keep working after she’s dead

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It does because it requires studies, if it would be only Kim’s studies then it would be the worst disk in game, as she barely study, making her not C but D tier hero.

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