Do I need change?

Hello! I was wondering if In needed to change my team in anyway.

Current team:

  1. Ralph (Disk: Piece of Cake)
  2. Vanellope
  3. Elastigirl (Disk: Tough Cookie)
  4. Yax
  5. Frozone

Other characters:
Timon and Pumba
Basil of Beaker Street
NEW! Madam Mim
I’m currently a newer player, TL 35, chapter 5 campaign.

What point in the game are you?

I recommend swapping Ralph for Felix, Elasticgirl for Dash and Frozone for T&P.





and this or

This should help, you are new in the game, right?

Your team should be

  • Felix
    • Get his Frozone disk
  • Elastigirl (JJ)
  • Frozone
  • Basil
  • Timon & Pumbaa

Basil could work here, but he is terrible the closer you will get to red, while Dash will be getting only better, to moment he will be broken.

Kick Van once you get something nice, should be soon.

Dash is only good at red… PlateOhPeas is most likely just at Green rank…

I am new, yes. Team level 35.

My dash is at blue +1.

It’s better to thing long-term.

And anyway, getting to level 130 takes 30-35 days, if not less.

I guess you could keep building Dash, but don’t use him until you get him to red rank with his red skill.

I would just put in all your good characters ,into one team.That’s what I usually do when I start a new account, I would do felix,Timon and pumba,basil of Baker Street,Dash,madam mim.I think those are your best characters. when you get better choices change it.because its not ideal.

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