Does power level matter

Does anyone know why my Maximus loses battles to the same character that is a lower level and has lower power level than mine

For example: I would team up with Maximus, mulan, captain Amelia etc in the arena we’d have the higher power level by 10,000+ and still lose the battle

It doesn’t matter significantly, as long as the power difference isn’t extreme - the hero combinations, skill timings and a whole lot of RNG have much greater impact on the outcome of the battle


Yeah, because you need synergy in your team. Power isn’t everything.


Thank you for the help

Thank you for the feedback

It’s also worth noting that if you have the same characters as your opponent but slightly less power, you will often win the fight.
This is because at the start of the fight you will take more damage. That in turn will fill your energy baf faster and you will usually fire off your white skills first, dealing high damage and turning the tide of the fight.

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Cosmetic bonus gives sooo many stats

So someone power shows 500k and you 500k

But his comsetic bonus is giving him 25% in all stats

While you are 0.5 bonus in all stats

His true power js 2m
While yours is 505k

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Agreed, Cosmetics doesn’t reflect in power, which makes a big difference.
Synergies and individual character also make a difference, Mulan can take a team with double the power she has alone for example.


You may want to double-check your math there. :thinking:


I always say i am bad at math my numbers aren’t a fact just an example with estimated numbers

A 25% bonus in stats wouldn’t make a hero 4 times as powerful, is all I’m saying. :man_shrugging:

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