Doubt about Randall 200% damage to scared toons

Does this work like a passive or is it only activated after he revives?

It always works. It’s a passive

Then why on earth don’t they specify this like every other passive skill by putting “PASSIVE:” before it?

Because purples are always passives. Except revives like Judy, Hades and Randall himself. But the secondary effect is a passive

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If this is the case, then it should be written before the revive description not after it. @Polaris why not just put PASSIVE: before the statement to keep things clear?

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I’d have thought it’s fairly clear? His purple skill has no damage dealing specified, so wouldn’t one think - “200% more damage of what?” and conclude that it’s a passive buff to all his damage


Even if so for clearifaction it would be better to have
On hit:

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We’re not in preschool. Purple skills are always passive skills, simple.
Passive is only show in some white skills if heroes doesn’t deal damage or basic attack isn’t regular because of other factors.

But on second side, PB mades for us such things… :teddy_bear:


@Pipsqueak the issue for me is that it states he revives and then it adds “Also, he does 200% damage…”. The way it is written is ambiguous. It can mean that this passive only works after he revived. If it were written:

"Randall does 200% damage against scared enemies.

When Randall reaches 0 HP, he revives…"

This would make it very clear that the 200% damage is not vinculated to his revival. By writing it after the revival description, and even keeping it on the same paragraph, it can be interpreted in two ways. Before the 2.1 update, the damage passive was described in seperate paragraph, which made me much more inclined to believe it was independent of the revival. Now everything is on the same paragraph.

It’s simple, really. Just state the damage before the revival in seperate paragraphs and be gone with it.


I’m not in preschool, Musketeer. Although I’m not a native speaker, I have a PhD in Molecular Biophysics. I read scientific papers every day and I know very well when something is clear and when it is not. Regardless of all purple skills being passives, which is something I found out here instead of reading in the game, it is fair to say the statement regarding the damage increase is ambiguous.

  1. They didn’t ask your life story. 2. They were saying that as most people know purple skills are passive
  1. So if someone doesn’t know all purple skills are passives, then they are in preschool? If he had not stated this, I would agree with everything you said.

  2. I wasn’t being disrespectful to Musketeer nor am I being to you now. I created the post to settle a doubt regarding something that was ambiguous. Now I have and I believe simple changes can be implemented in the skill’s description to improve the understanding for all players, including those who, for whatever reason, don’t know all purple skills are passive.

I never said anything about this


What they are saying is that the fact is common knowledge.


Yeah, Filadae. I got that. However, the point of my post was not trying to find out if something is common knowledge or not. The point was the description was ambiguous when one reads it. Preschool children don’t know how to read, so Musketeer’s comment was misplaced.

It’s all good, guys. You’ve all helped me and I now understand the game better. Thanks for the discussion!


So why do you said that.
So now many people know purple skill are passive, but don’t use preschool, it’s rude


Why would a preschooler even play this game!? It’s meant for big boys and girls!

Preschool person can’t play this, the are not qualified

Don’t take this as literal…


Purple skills being passive is a bit of stretch. They are passive except when they are not. They are mostly passive except sometimes they modify an active skill or sometimes add a time based counter or are on very rare occasion are an active skill. Otherwise passive.

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