Download loop issue?

The Update didnt even started and i got an update downloading and starting the game New again and again… whats going on @Loutre ?

I’m not sure what you are seeing since we have not pushed anything out yet.


Probably the “Update” button in the Play Store.

It exists, but the update hasn’t actually arrived yet.

It’s so naive

there isn’t any store update for today

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It’s only a server update, so there shouldn’t be anything there to begin with

Maybe it’s not a download loop, but something with wifi connection??


Oh right, I don’t check that a lot :sweat_smile:

So a faulty Update button that MIGHT be a Google issue?

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Play Store trolled us

I was playing the game started New and started to download…
I cant Post a Screenshot its saying Im not allowed… now when i try to play after the download it comes a message download loop issue and the game crash

it won’t appear no matter what today.

maybe poor internet… sounds like it is a case

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I didnt updated anything from the play Store since 6 hours…

This is a bit off topic: “Just your nickname turns blue” :+1:

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It seems that this is a poor connection issue as there is no update yet.

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But why its saying updating and download the whole data again? And my conmection is really stable…

You kinda reply fast, so I guess you’re right… :thinking:

Maybe wait until the actual update will finish, maybe this will solve your issue.

I can just suggest waiting until we actually have pushed the update and servers are back up. Servers will be down in 3 minutes.


Nah I’m on mobile data but can’t open the game

The servers were down due to an update, but they’re back up now.

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