Drama in this game

Firstaval @Polaris, I will start you off with global, one Global is TERRIBLE. People always think they can do what they want and when. Sometimes this happens, including Spanish and fighting in roleplays, you really need to mute this chat or remove global until people LISTEN.

I disagree its a fun thing to have just don’t go in it then your fine!


Yeah. That is the reason why drama occurs in this game and it’s why people spam because they don’t care and they don’t get silence.

coming from one of the ones who loves fighting through roleplaying

And…what is the point of that chat if not to goof off witj your buddies? Is it cuz they exclude you? Are you on server 8?

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Like I said just feel free to just to not use it just chat with friends!

I’m on server 9. There is a lot of spanish that is drama David. If u were on there u would see what I mean.

I’m on 14 I know about drama do yo know what I do when other languages are on I translat or I leave!!!

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no just Spanish…

Actual i think there are multiple global servers…one for eaxh language? I cannot prove it but sometimes i am on and everyone is talking Spanish but my friends are telling me through PM that there is something else happening…

Like what Champion? Is it Russian??

Do you have a google translates???

Yeah but I’m def not looking that boi up. Because it is just like Siri.

OK you hate global so much DONT USE IT!!! See super easy!

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No like my friends are actively fightimg :sunglasses: in chat but all I see is Spanish. Whhen I reload the game, it usually restores me to my friends chat.

Disney PLEASE I get it guys. Not you David. You the good boy David and bad is Walt

David, you might be right. It’s just that some things that are just not cool.

Well sorry I speak the truth d just don’t use global I’m telling ya hate me if you want! Just leave it alone more people like it then ha5e it

Hm🤔thank you so much. I will not use global anymore or spam, you helped me out. @KayIa

I mean Walt_disney_X

Why you’re welcome! … Really?

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