Duck and Bunny Chips

I’m in server 19 where right now, duck and bunny chips are available only in the VIP crate. When can I expect it to be available to harvest again? If it’ll take a long time, I’m thinking of buying 1chip for 20k gold bec I only need 1 more chip to make my d&b to 2 stars.

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Really you should always be buying chips for gold in the market, no matter what they are.


Oh I didn’t know that. :sweat_smile: So is it always cheaper to buy chips for gold than the 10x crates for diamonds?

Diamonds and gold aren’t comparable. You can get gold from city watch and surge in the millions. You get a max of 200 diamonds daily.

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Depends what league of Arena/Coli you’re in, someone who can hit rank 1 challenger in both can earn over 1200 a day total


Still I think my point was clear. Besides @cas7 ’s for such a broken hero. People dread that laser attack.

Next month. After that Peter will most likely replace them.

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Thanks for the help guys. :blush:

It also depends on where or not you have the daily diamond deal. It gives you 120 diamonds daily for a set amount of time.