Ducktails all characters


Many people ask for this mainly one that I would not want to say
And yes I know I’m bad at skill sets but I do them for fun here we go.

A back line support hero.
Quote: “hey, uncle Donald is kinda cool.”

Basic attack None

White Huey studies 2 enemys.

green Huey opens his book reading it giving extra power to all Allies.

blue Huey throws a rock at one enemy dealing X damage also stunning.

Huey heals himself and the team, also giving them more chance of hitting enemys.


Mickey and Huey
Now when Huey uses his purple gives extra health.

Dewey duck.
A mid line damage hero.
Quote: “I’ll put the marbles back, I swear.”

Basic attack Dewey hits a enemy with marbels.

White Dewey throws a book hitting one enemy dealing them X damage.

Dewey shoots a nerf gun at two enemies dealing X damage.

blue Dewey now when he reaches 0 health he heals himself Y health and increasing all of his stats by X ampocket.

Win Dewey jumps up and joy.
K.O Dewey drops the book on his foot

Sorry fsp and weird mistake.

a hat on and grabs a sword and fights with it for 23 defends giving very powerful damage.

Entries Dewey walks in with the nerf gun in hand and puts it in his pocket


Jack sparrow
1 sCaptains”

control hero. 1 star position. Back.

Quote: “we never get to do anything”

Basic attack Louie throws coins at enemies.

White Louie drinks a pep healing him.

green lou walks up and slaps a enemy 3 times dealing X damage.

blue louie gets lil bulb and attack with it like hiro.

purple uses lil bulb and gets hit to shoot dimes at all enemies.

He walks in with hands in his pockets.
Win he drinks his pep happy.
K.O liubulb turns around. At angry


Hiro and louie
“Get rich quick”

Nowntjats it for now.


Must have took a lot of thinking. But still good work.


You forgot to mention Louie’s name till his basic attack.

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Yes parden me for my spelling tho. The quotes were hard to find tho.


Don’t wrry. I have a hard time finding quotes as well.


There is a website called fandom and it has plenty of quotes for all the characters form tons of franchises, including Ducktales.


Can ya share me a link?

  • Webby
  • Lena
  • Magic de spell
  • Mrs. Beakly.
  • Donald.
  • Scrooge

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Who do you want me to make next?

This is the link to the website. Idk if it will work, but it might.


Not webby?!(20 characters)


Hey where’s pixu the magic dragon? He is from the same series


Webby is a character on the poll, so they’ll do her later probably. Before getting upset about a character not being there, look at all the replies before you say anything.


1 star control hero.

Quote: working on it.

Basic attack Lena punches a enemy. Like hiro does.

white Lena summons magic de spell to throw a enemy in the back of the field.

green a true friend.
Lena gives her allies Y health.

blue a family thing.
Magic de spell goes into Lena giving more power and health .

purple magic bracelet
Lena uses her friend ship bracelet giving all of her allies more of a chance to hit also she now has more of a chance to throw a enemy.

Entry Lena walks to her spot
Win magic de spell dances with Lena upset.
K.O Lena and magic de spell fall to ground.


He’s in the episode for 5 defends or less.


You forgot scrooge louie and webby.thats the only ones thag i need in the game


I didn’t forget louie


Oh! Hello there! i thought you died. Stay happy mate! :wink:

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You forgot scrooge and webby

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Welcome back,Ducktales fan.


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