Ducky & Bunny need to be reworked or nerfed!

I don’t know if perblue even has a testing crew because it doesn’t seem like you guys do. This hero does so much damage let alone the fact that he heals every time he does damage it’s insane!
His laser ability does more damage than his manual white ability which is ridiculous! Not only that but it damages all enemies on the screen and the worst part is he does it literally a few seconds after the match starts with nobody having their abilities ready… Really?
I say either switch his two abilities around and make his laser ability his white ability so he doesn’t do it so early or just give him the nerf he deserves.


Their damage needs to be turned into like a third or fourth! Right now it’s insane

Just make others stronger, but don’t make them weaker. They’re so good in the Invasion.

Their power is ridiculous. Right now its like “you have like… 5 sec to sweep us all or we are going to one shot your whole team with just my blue skill”. Many other heroes dream with having that much power in their whole set as how they have in just 1 attack. And most of all, is not even a requirement of having any energy


Exactly! Thank you, at least some of you understand how absurd Ducky and Bunny are right now…

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Don’t necropost.

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