Economy changes with 1.7


So i know this has already been said, but this game is not designed to now focus on a specific team. What about trials? They limit which players you can select as the difficulty level gets higher. How is that addressed? What about heist when our characters we select are already in use? What about when our characters are on the list that arent able to be used? What about friend campaigns that require different heroes to be useful in order to obtain a disk? Maybe that was the original point, but it isnt a sustainable model now.


Exactly the point one of many but Polaris isn’t listening


I don’t know how perblue will react to this but this boycott is definitely ON. I’m on the top guild on server 1 (Going Turbo) and I can say that on these flash deals day the mailbox is full of guild coins every badge buster or very good deals. Do you know how many coins I got so far? 30! Of almost 50 spenders only 2 got a deal (15 coins each).

Is it worth it to be greedy and want player to stop spending money “fairly” and support the game or admit it was a bad idea and revert it asap so everyone is happy again? It’s not a hard decision if you think about it…


How can you say “Our goal is to keep gold as a meaningful resource in the game, both in the early team levels as well as the late team levels. What we’ve seen is that gold earned has increased steadily while the ways to use it have remained the same.” when there are currently multiple offers in the store that include gold (including one that includes 7.5m gold) and expect anyone to take you seriously rather than seeing it as anything other than a cynical attempt to generate more income and the expense of loyal players?


One more reason that statement is nonsense; Surge.
The difficulty of surge is determined by the average power of the top 5 heroes of everyone in the guild. I’m in a top 20 guild in server 1. Before war was released, most of us were building our heroes pretty evenly, and we were eagerly awaiting the introduction of the 20 wave surge, because our biggest challenge was making sure that everyone got a chance to attack. Once war started and we all began focusing on maxing out our war teams, surge quickly became impossible to finish, facing 90k+ teams in sunset, because that’s how powerful our weakest members’ strongest teams are.


I’m a spender on Server 1. I also am leader of the Departed. This update had caused a number of people to quit. The amount of gold a free to play player earns is vastly out stripped by what a “whale” earns. You added more ways to earn gold and you even offer deals to buy it for everyone and then blame all of us for holding on to it (less than 1% of all players) because we are preparing for level caps and/or contests. The logic is mind boggling.

I’m done spending for now. Thanks for creating undue stress on guild management.


Half of the posts flagged dont go against community standards, perblue is just getting their feelings hurt. Just as bad as EA.

Obviously this will get flagged too since i have now i have said something bad about perblue again.


@Polaris Hundreds and thousands of players have spoken on here, reddit and in game. Players are quitting and cutting back or outright stopping their spending in droves. This answer that you provided has proven to be illogical, out of touch and out right wrong on the part of PB in the eyes of it’s players.

The ball is in your guy’s court. Keep masquerading this tactless and thinly veiled act of greed and watch as you do irreparable damage to the games player base and its reputation towards the game and your company, or back down admit the misguided wrongdoings that this company has brought down upon us and revert this change. Those are your options. We all hope you choose correctly.


Perblue’s response is really non-sense. They made different game modes which obviously requires large variety of heroes.

  1. Trial : Red/Blue/Yellow team require total AT LEAST 15 heroes. And you said we are not supposed to max our heroes? How do we fight to level like Absurd. Are we supposed not to max these levels neither? They why you make these levels?
  2. Surge : Again, you said we are not supposed to max out all heroes. Let just assume it will be alright with around 20 heroes. 20 heroes we can do 5 districts, and one super hard surge has 15 waves (4 regions per wave have to be cleared), totally 270 districts have to be cleared. Each member can do 5 fights with their 20 heroes (Remember perblue you tell us not to max heroes), 270/5=54, you need 54 members to complete a super hard wave. So again, are you telling me we are not supposed to fight a super hard surge? Then why you make this? Besides, a guild can only have 50 members max.
  3. Guild war : There are rotating off duty heroes in each war. I am telling you when my top 5 are off duty (not even maxed), I just waste my attack and lose on someone’s level lower than me.
  4. Heist : Ridiculous most of the time more than 10 heroes are off duty. If we don’t have large variety of heroes, what are the odds 3rd to 5th players will not have heroes to use.
  5. Friend disk : Perblue you are telling us we should focus on some heroes as intended. I want just Sulley and woody and level them up. How come you force me to use also BOGO, Rex and Finnick? As my experience, you have to level up quite high and make them to purple to survive the fights!!! But the main point is, I don’t want Bogo, rex, finnick why you put them there.
  6. Contest : There were many contests requiring specific heroes to get point (surge, city watch). So if you say we are not supposed to use every heroes, then you should not make this contest with specific heroes, we definitely will not have those heroes available when the contest is out. What is the point of these contests if not everyone can participate.

Comparing the game modes and your response, there are too many contradiction. Which mean one thing, you increase the cost of skill levels just to make us spend money to buy resouces to get gold. Which is nothing to do with the number and the way we level our heroes up. You make us hate the game, and then you can simply make another new game to invest lol.

And finally, no matter how I love Disney so much. byebye Perblue.


Lol, I had four of my comments blocked. I doubt it was in any violation of this forum. I love how if they don’t like your response it gets blocked.

$99 flash deal? No thanks, no more purchases from my end until a change is made.


Not sure why people who get blocked blame it on Polaris. I’m sure I flagged atleast 2 of your comments @User_Error cause it was nonsense


Still enjoying the game. Made a bit harder to lvl up now. More to do now


Not more to do. The same to do only WAY longer now


And now ladies and gentleman, the pièce de résistance. Fortify the Network on servers 1-8. Regardless of whether or not this was scheduled before or after the patch launches it just deals what I believe to be the final blow to many long time players and fans. If it was scheduled before, then they (PB) knew exactly what they were doing. If scheduled after 1.7 it shows an irredeemable amount of tactlessness and shows how numb they are to the plight that they have orchestrated on it’s players. This is a skillless contest and nothing more than a milk the whales weekend. Incredible.


Thank you for taking the time to provide a response to your bosses. (Technically, the players are yours and all PB employees bosses. If we don’t spend our money and time on your games, you don’t have the jobs you do.)
I digress, sorry.

Having said that, it’s quite a challenge you all at PerBlue have implementing harmony in a dual style format (FTP and PTP). When you allow the both to exist at the same time with one another, imblance and discontent will grow and grow and grow. It happens to all games with same format. It will never change.

The gold nerf hurts everyone. The reasoning is understandable but the execution not so much. I feel it’s bigger than it seems on the surface, though. Those who don’t spend, or spend very frugally, will see greater disparity now than before relative to those who can spend money at will. This is not a wrong or injustice, people can spend their real life money however they please, but there is no disputing is has created a greater disharmony between those populations of players.

It seems like the focus and direction of the game isn’t for the majority, but for the minority. If content isn’t moving fast enough, then those who invest the most time and monetary resources will get bored and might possibly get irritated that others who don’t fork out the money have ample opportunity to catch up. Why invest money to be successful (please don’t confuse this will skill playing ability) if the ROI isn’t rewarding?

Maybe there should be complete FTP servers. Let the system simply do its thing naturally. If people want a boost here or there, then do your ad watching strategies accessible equally to all.

Perhaps implement servers with spending caps. This will afford PB revenue opportunity, but levels the playing field moreso than at-will purchasing. This would also create purchase strategy for players. Also, please evolve beyond simply creating “Best Offer” or “Best Deal” stuff during special events or holidays. How about you actually say, “Thank You!” and couple it with an ingame gift in all player mailboxes from time to time? 20x Stam or Friend recharges, 250 Diamonds, or go as far as to allow options for players to choose because some might need Stam, some might not. Valentine’s Day is coming up…why don’t you show us some REAL LOVE (you know, unconditional love…no price tag attached?) and I’ll venture to guess it’ll be a step in the right direction towards enhancing player experience and boosting loyalty.

You all at PB are very talented and motivated, but for some reason you all are not breaking any molds of PTP/FTP dual format app gaming. So, I challenge you to be better and be different. Be more imaginative, progressive and consumer focused. Put in more intelligent nand thoughtful efforts and you will see even greater success – both monetarily and with player satisfaction. Otherwise, simply do as you’re doing and enjoy the ride while it lasts…which might not be very long.

For us players…please also take a look in the mirror. What kind of experience did you really expect? Have you not ever played a FTP/PTP format game app? Are you naive to the landscape of the gaming industry? Be more educated and save your emotions for more important aspects of your life. It’ll never happen I suspect, but if we truly wanted to exercise true authority over PB, then we would all unite and stop playing effective immediately until they wised up. Then again, it might not be possible for those in too deep…

(Ugh…did I miss another money-hungry PB flash sale?)


Hmm this is a chance for whales to put their money where their mouths are. Fortify the network will stand out this time if it jas an all time low earn of money.


I want to suggest a little idea that could be something and be a bit of a compromise for both players and PerBlue.

I wonder if we could make a compromise that instead of a 30% or so increase I was wondering if we could instead have it be 5%-10% if there really are inflation in the game.

While I would too like to instead have a gold cap I think and I would say it should be over 10 million, but if it should be as high as 50 million I don’t know as I don’t know what is considered hoarding in PerBlue’s eyes.

But yeah, though I thought suggest the idea about 5%-10% increase instead of a 30% increase as I hope that can be a good middle ground for both sides.

No matter what happens, I am looking forward to new characters coming to the game and experience their stories :-).


I’m sorry, but what a lousy response from Polaris/Per Blue… I’m flouded tonight with all kinds of deals and they’re gonna do a Fortify The Network Contest where you have to spend…yes, you guessed it right: gold and diamonds! Un-be-lieve-a-ble!!! Either they noticed people are boycotting Per Blue and are trying to persuade people to buy again via this contest or they really have a massive plate in front of their skulls and continue ruining all pleasure in this game for all players, either whale or f2p. This must stop! #boycotdisneyheroes


Please listen to us, the players, and don’t rely on your data so much! And please, please, check the poll and more important the results of the poll.


You see, that’s the point. In the past, this usually happened:

  1. PerBlue releases a new Hero
  2. I may or I may not unlock it
  3. If I do unlock it, I waste my XP Potions to get them to at least level 60, I waste my Gold and Stamina to Craft Badges to promote them to at least P0, and I have to Level Up their Skills to make them half-useful in Surge, Coliseum, Heist, or Guild War.
  4. They may or may not get used in Campaign.

By doing that in the past, I did not only waste precious necessities, but I wasted all that effort for nothing, well, mostly nothing.

Plus, by doing this strategy, I know who to focus for. This tactic is mostly useful for that challenge, where you can’t use any Purple or Orange Heroes.

Good thing, I levelled up WALL-E before the update, so he’s good to go, but I’m having a problem for Tia Dalma…