Economy changes with 1.7


I think its apparent that dang near no one is happy with these changes. Gold, xp costs, and the nerfs are all awful, not to mention just how difficult it is to even promote characters we already have. This game is quickly turning into a grindfest when it was already a pain to begin with in certain aspects.



I have 2 things to say about this. 1) I don’t agree with the assessment that people are hoarding gold and for you to up the cost based on this assessment. That being said, I will go on to 2). I applaud perblue for being forthright with us on the fact you were raising the rates for skills. You could have easily just done it and many of us wouldn’t have been the wiser. So many people are giving you a hard time about it, but I won’t be one of them. The world needs more honest companies and you earned my respect in the way you did this, no matter how unpopular it was.

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Don’t buy to these excuses.
They want to force us to spend more money.
They throw these flash deals unique deals bullcrap which pretty much contradicts some of their points.

“oh we don’t want yous to hoard more gold coins, we want y’all to appreciate it more…buuuut…here’s 3mil for just $20”

“oh we provided you with SO MANY ways to earn sweet sweet gold, including HEIST and WAR boxes which yous can only get maximum 7 boxes per month and yous will only get gold if you choose to get it between getting a few already-hard-to-get-super-low-drop-rate purple bits or 1500 badge coins, so we’ll just make things a little bit more expensive to give a bit of a fun challenge to this game…buuuut…a sweet deal is a sweet deal so here’s 6mil gold and 5 diamond crates for $50”

“oh we want yous to be more strategic when working on certain heroes, don’t want yous to just skills all the heroes you have…buuuut…here’s 150 woody chips, 150 mr. Inc chips, 150 aladdin chips for just $30. But wait. If you wait for just an extra hour yous can get 60 extra staminas, 6 mil gold, 70 diamond crates and the rest of these sweet sweet consumables if yous just spend $30 more! WHAT A DEAL AM I RIGHT GUYS?! You can also spend all the diamonds you just received from buying all these deals to get extra 100 elsa and olaf chips, 10 diamond crates and another 3 mil golds. C’mon I promise it’s worth it”

“oh hey, here we’ll give you some extra gifts for watching all these amazing ads from our partners so that we also can make more more money from all these partners, THESE GIFTS INCLUDE GOLDS!..buuuut…since yous hoard so so SO many golds, we’ll just increase your spending needs because we think it’ll be so unfair for the rest of the players. Oh another thing sweety, we ‘need’ to limit the gifts cause we don’t want yous to get too much advantage…yeah I’m talking about you too F2P players! But of course please help yourself with all these sweet deals we’ll throw at your face every few hours, and make sure you’ll buy them cause it’ll help you progress quicker.”

“we care about you all…and we promise we heard you…buuuut…our stats say y’all lying so we’ll just do our thing and we’ll see what happens okay. In the mean time though please spend more of your money for these flash and unique deals. It’ll calm you all a bit. Thank you”

Basically all that. So yeah thanks for all these deals. We really “appreciate” it :slight_smile:



Nice ^^. Glad you like them so much :-).

And I agree more resource sinks would be better than adding an extra tax to an existing facility, which is basically the equivalent of a food supply in Disney Heroes. The skill cost increase in a way could be seen as increasing the price on bread from a real world perspective in a sense.

Still, I don’t really think the inflation is from the natural gold earnings, but rather from bundles that PerBlue sell you could say.
I have under 10 Million as a VIP 0 and think I have between 5-8 million gold now and probably would have been lower if the skill cost was the same as before.

I do know Hero Chips when they pop up now and then in the Market cost around 20 000 gold and could be something I think, but could also really unbalance the game in the sense that those who have a lot of gold can just buy while those who have a more limited income/gold supply have to choose if they rather want to spend their gold on Hero Chips or skill points.

I have seen the idea of that the Sabotage cost could instead be gold, which isn’t a bad idea, but will depend on how high the gold price are/gets.

I think the best solution to the gold inflation problem beside adding a gold cap would be to sell costume threads for gold as they don’t disturb the power balance and are just a cosmetic fun thing :-). Using gold to buy songs if they had that as an option could be something too, especially if iconic Disney songs ;-).

So yeah, here are some thoughts from me and hope you find them interesting ^^.



I’ve never had so much gold in this game that I thought I could do with less gold. In no way do I have a complete roster, and have already had to ration spending… this change just doesn’t seem to have been grounded in good data. Don’t higher VIP already get extra % gold for just breathing?

If the top 1-5% has too much gold, give them some really awesome things to buy in a new “Cosmetic Market”, where they can spend their huge amounts of gold on sweet new glowey outfits for their teams. Something like this gives them a place to sink their money without giving a competitive advantage over others with less disposable resources.

I generally enjoy the way PerBlue solves these kinds of problems and grows the game, but on this change I must strongly object.

Guild Leader - Disney Aussies (Server 6)



You won’t stop them all, chill.
You just bring disorder among people who enjoyed this game nontetheless.



Will do the same. Game is highly unbalanced since the beginning and is coercing players to invest in toons only for the purpose be able to obtain hero discs. I feel it’s a straight lie to suggest, that gold has becoming unmeaningful. Gold has been a problem from day one, especially for FtP players.
This seems to be a ruse to push players to spend money on gold deals. The economy of a game is getting more ridiculous from one promotion level to the next aka update. You as a developer ignore the fact, that whales make you 70-80% of your revenue, but are only 10% of player’s total numbers. They still need some folks to play with after investing this time and ludicrous amount of money to get to the top of every server you’re running.



@Polaris Can we get any sort of update that you are passing along our frustrations to the devs. Do they actually care, or are they just sitting and thinking of more ways to nickle and dime us?

We want thing game to succeed and be one of the best games out there. Many stuck around and defended the 6* update but this was a step too far. A single update has driven people into a state of chaos that, if not given proper attention, will be the downfall of this game and everything that we all, players and developers put into will have been wasted. I can only imagine the excitement a team like yours would have after being allowed to make a game with one of the most iconic universes in the world.

Most developers would kill to have a shot like this. Is this how you wish to squander such an opportunity? By diving down a rabbit role filled with exploitation and immoral greed? We love this game PB. Player’s don’t want to quit but they also don’t want to be used just to pad your pockets. A good majority have made friends here and wish to continue said friendships.

However, when you make rushed, illogical decisions like this increase, without hide or hair of asking what players want and not addressing the biggest issues plaguing the game and exacerbating it, the game no longer becomes fun. It loses that childlike joy and entertainment like so many have experienced with these characters.

How much longer are we going to be at this standstill? Do we mean that little to you that you won’t listen to those who play the game. Are we only dollar signs to you? This has to stop. Make things right. For everyone involved. Please.



I quit this game over a month ago, and I’m so happy I did. Decided to check out the forums to see what the recent updates have been like, and can’t say I’m surprised.

It amazes me there are still people spending when you can clearly see the direction the game is going. When guilds are collapsing due to people quitting, when there are more and more abandoned accounts just sitting on the leaderboard… You know the game is dying. All the whales still remaining out there… Think about how much you’ve spent and really take a look at the game. Are you happy that you’ve spent $5,6,7k on a game that didn’t even make it a year before it started dying? There are other game options with better player oriented companies out there.



@Polaris if the main goal is to not hoard coins and xp, why not place a limit of coins a player can keep - 50M coins. If player already have 50M coins, then whatever action the player do, whatever rewards he get ( surge, cw, guild war, etc) , it would not add up on the 50M. This way, player will be forced to use gold coins.

Revert back the update because i believe that the reports you are seeing is not for the majority. Only a small percentage of players have more than 30M on their game.



In server 6 almost all players (including the top guild) are boycotting the contest or just gathering points with their daily routines. Awesome to see, but at the same time really sad that this is happening!



Well @Polaris, I have a request. its ok if u cant make it back to old xp/gold. But give our hero more power for it. Every level up above lv 86 require much more xp, so our hero deserve to get more power. Skill point also the same. The gold n xp we spent must be linear with the power we got. How? Agree?

Imagine this: because power difference are huge, players will try hard to get there, need much more gold n xp, u can sell them much more n player will buy it without any complaint because they got what they want, n u got what u want.

PS: if u like the idea n make it happen, give me reward for my idea lol :stuck_out_tongue:



No one has gotten mad at whales. If that is all you have gotten from this then you are sorely missing the point. We are mad that PB has used the biggest whales as scapegoats for their insane price hike. I think everyone understands that yes PB needs to make money and yes there will be players who spend hundreds if not thousands on the game to get an upper hand. Our complaint is not with them.

The whole outrage that the community has been issuing is how much this price hike increased the gap between whales, dolphins and F2P. They blame players hoarding resources so they announce the price hike, which then makes the hoarders spend everything they can before the update and now those “hoarders” are at a higher power that now costs more to obtain.

We don’t have a whale problem, we have a PB problem.



@Polaris this was very poorly executed and if anything will make people hoard more. I never had enough gold and since this update it’s nearly impossible to get anything done



You have the nerve to nerf all these heroes and then tell us the game is designed to focus on certain ones??? Show us RAW DATA REPORTS of those who are “hoarding” these resources!
“Thanks for being vocal” yet you have not responded to a SINGLE PERSON on this thread!



The number of people quitting in this game is crazy! Perblue what are you doing? You’re supposed to like the game you made not destroy it by trying to milk everybody



Same over here on server 7 - top players quitted and my guild is staggering…I went from a :whale: to a ftp… which is really frustrating…



I’m from S7 too. Our guild went from 48 players to 18 players. No kidding.

We had to adjust for Surge and Guild Wars. I’m trying to be optimistic, but I don’t think we’ll get up from that trip unless PerBlue changes this… gameplay.



Which guild are you at ?
I am with the „Die Gilde“



Once Upon a Time.

Did you, by any chance, send a message to Global Chat saying that we should boycott spending?

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