Eevee shiny ( Jennifer ) hero concept


Info: the evolution Pokémon of the Pokémon series and so so adorable to have in yore party and useful to have and rare to find both in eggs and in the wild but this one has a special power it can evolve and reverse evolve in to an eevee at will because of her father being a zorok and mother being a umbreon

Position mid

Role attacker

Entrance runs to her position

Victory: a crown falls down on her and she smiles

Defeat: gets dizzy and falls over

Basic attack: shell turn into a flareon to spit a fire ball ( will couse burning) a jolteon to shot a fire ball (couseis shock ) a vaporeon to use water gun ( Slows an opponent) umbreon fires a dark ball (stuns them) selvion uses her ribbons to attack (charms opponents) espeon uses csychic energy ( to confuse opponents)

White skill take down charge : eevee charges at opponents and runs through them to stun and damage all opponents

Green skill double team: when using double team she becomes untargetable
And doges some opponents fire

Blue skill charm: eevee will charm 2 opponents
With her adorableness for 16 seconds

Perple skill elemental abilitys : when eevee transforms the following eefects may happen
Rain dance for vapoereon slips opponents,sunny day for flareon,electric field for jolteon stuns opponents.wierd field for Espeeon confuses opponents,healing field for leafeon,a dark field for umbreon steals energy,
A fairy field for selyveon weekend can have 2 per round

Red skill : let’s go eevee all statis effect are 15 % more powerful


Eevee/ delphox
Delphox wants eevees help for her to change the background of the stage

Item is power band Mack’s some statis effects will stay if others are take in away

Eevee/Juan(David Lopez)
Juan needs help getting his friend out of trouble so he asks eevee who is capabil of speech to help him out

Item elemental shovel you can have 3 fields out per round


Umm theres grammar errors

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these are not needed at all. also they are really random numbers. lots of grammar issues as well. other than that it is an ok concept. 6/10

Nice! 8/10

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