Eeyore or The Beast?

I’m on server 21, and it seems that they’re going to add Eeyore to the best shop in the game (City Watch). I’m thinking of using Eeyore to replace the Beast.
I have The Beast at 3 stars with Sulley disk, I’m thinking of replacing him since is hard to get hero chips for him.
Should I keep the Beast or replace him for Eeyore?

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It honestly depends on the rest of your team.


Eyeroe for sap team…
Beast for beast team”lol” beast is a one man army that is super easy to counter

But if you dont see a beast counter he can wreck havoc

Beast has no red i wish he get starting hardy

Will make him stronger vs most his current counter but still will give him counters

Pve/early game go for beast

Late game go for for nither tbh


I don’t have a Sap Team, and since The Beast is at 3 stars I don’t use him in Arena, only in Guild War and Colisseum. I don’t know if Eeyore may work as a counter to frequent threats In Arena or something.

Eeyore is also a good counter for beast but Eeyore is like a crazy wall…

Eyeore is a tank worse than pooh and gerald and worse than hades in challenger seasons

Worse than goofy for blind

Eyeroe has nice shields and can sap the enemy…

I would only level him for a sap synergy “arent great”

Beast is a dominant threat in attack or defense

If your opponent doesnt have many characters to deal with him and another threat in your other teams in coli/wars than he is great

If you see a team without crowd control beat just eats them

However many many many characters counter beast

So what you’re saying us ghat Pooh, GMN, and Hades are terrible tanks as well?

Eeyore can be annoying at times. Draining a lot of energy from enemies so they won’t use their active. It’s only his damage that is poor (his Pooh disk only makes up a bit of it). Once he uses his active he can be unstoppable.

Their specialties are incomparable :expressionless:

Goofy focuses on blinds while Eeyore focuses on energy drainage

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Eyeroe is worse than(lesser good)
Meaning they are better(more good)

He is very decent but those are some of the ones that are better than him for the role

Already stated eyeroe specialities are sapping and shields

But mentioning them specifically sort of says that you think they are all bad

Beast can be easily countered by Tron. Eeyore, on the other hand, has a backup plan when Tron ever does destroy his shield. And if you put Eeyore and the Beast in a 1v1, Eeyore will most likely win.

Eeyore is basically a stronger bogo. Spams a shield that heals him and his Po disk actually makes him an offensive threat in the situation where he’s spamming his shield too.

But yeah, I’d say beast is more useful in more comps.

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I really dont think so its your own take on it…
i simply named them as better candidates for the tank role

I stated beast has many many counters however early game he is one of the best for new players

Beast is one of the badest toon in game.
It gives too many counter against him.
And every day it comes more.

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Nope! It’s awesome.


I understand that The Beast is God-like and stuff, but what’s better? A 4-6 star Eeyore or a 3 Star Beast? Beast is in Elite Campaign in only 1 stage and his offers are pretty stupid (100 diamonds per chip.)

Depends on Your team
Dont Buy Those Chip deals.They are worthless indeed.Save them for FTNC

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