@ELEKTRO-SOUL'S concept Pit

These are concepts that I have made and that are upcoming

  • Forky
  • Louis & Ray
  • Cravitz
  • Juice WRLD (coming soon)
  • Post Malone (coming on Monday or Tuesday)
  • Drake (Sometime Next Week)
  • Tom Brady (Later next week)
  • Geronimo Stilton (2 weeks)
  • And 7 undetermined

You can feel free to make concepts (but I have been preferring to do characters from books and celebrities) but I will try my hardest to do who you request


Cardi b please

The post malone one should be cool, go flex :muscle:

I already started the Post one, I’m loving it, but I prefer not doing Cardi B, because most of their skills are named after songs and Cardi doesn’t make appropriate Music lol

Her new song isn’t appropriate?

Kidding :rofl:

It didn’t though, lol, also what would her skill set be: “Cardi B twerks charming the strongest enemy for 10 seconds” LOL

Charming anyone with eyes*

Lmao, hehe

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