Elsa Costume


I made a costume suggestion about Vanellope, but sadly, it ended up into a debate. :pensive::face_with_head_bandage:
Now I would like to suggest an Elsa costume.

This is a Coronation Dress costume.

I know she’s a queen already, but the dress is very sophisticated, and I want to share it here.


I forgot to say. The dress comes also with a pair of gloves, but in this photo, it was taken off because of the unfortunate events at the palace. And she took of the other glove on her right hand when she sang the chorus of Let It Go.


Im my opinion, i prefer this costume over the one she have now. Hope this one made in the game.


Coronation Dress sounds so…weird.

I prefer Coronation Gown because it gives it some elegance. Imo.

Sorry to turn this into a debate, but I do not really like this as a costume.

(Well, I like it, but I do not think it would fit.)

When Elsa sang Let it Go, she rejected all that made her queen. she threw away her Tiara, her gloves, and replaced her Coronation Gown with the Icy ensemble selected for the game. This was to demonstrate that she was not afraid to use her powers and that she didn’t care what people thought. Adding this Dress, seems to negate that ideal. Especially if the gloves are added too.


Leaving Arendelle was just a part of the story. You know that in the end, she just accepted herself as the queen not only of the North Mountains, but of Arendelle as well. In Frozen Fever, she lives happily at Arendelle with Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven, and she was finally accepted by the people.

Last time we talked about the Vanellope costume. And now, it’s Elsa costume. I can’t think of anything now. lol


If Elsa has another costume, I hope it’d be her costume from the Spring fever short movie :slight_smile: green and everything :blush:

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Yes but her style of dress changed.

I do not wanna debate this either, so imma leave this topic with what I already said…


Yeah, hard to be sure, from all her dresses I like this one most, but as @Champion_David mentioned, it won’t really fit cause of the movie plot :sweat_smile:


Opinions respected, but I will love this dress forever. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


@Champion_David, @MSH_Studios
True, true, very good points. Very respectable opinion.

Or, or


Who cares. It’s just a costume. If anyone can wish for any hero, don’t see why costumes have to be so restrictive just to make sense.

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What about Frozen 2? If that comes out, how does it fit into the costume debate?


No one thought of this costume…


That is much better then the first dress!


What is this from? Frozen 2 trailer?

If so, I think…I approve.


It’s from Frozen: Olaf’s Frozen Adventure @Champion_David


What The…