Elsa Olaf or Elsa Frozone disk?


Man both seem great but can’t seem to pick one as a main. What do you guys think?


Probably Elsa/Frozone, but I haven’t unlocked either to see the disk specifics. Freeze is kind of Elsa’s thing.


The Olaf disk is very limited in it’s usefulness. How often do you run teams with multiple tanks? Probably not very often, therefore the only time that the Olaf disk becomes useful is when you specifically build a multi-tank team. While it can be a good disk in this type of build, that’s a very narrow focus.

Compare that to her Frozone disk, which turns her into an anti-control hero. How often do you face a team with multiple control characters? Every two fights? Having something that can fight back against Ursula/Mal/Tia/Walle combos can be useful almost every fight.

I’ve got 230 chips for each disk from some diamond deals, and I haven’t touched the Olaf disk.


First of multiple tank teams are very good (at least for me)

Second of, I agree. Except for it freezes controls longer, this seems to include any source. (Frozon or Walle included)


Frozone disk seems to be by and far the concensus. However Olaf disk could be useful if you run say Olaf and Baymax together as a double tank set because both are able to freeze (Baymax with Olaf disk). Frozone is a weaker disk than most originally thought because it only affects “Control” heroes but considering how prolific heroes like Maleficent, Tia and Wall-E are it still proves to be incredibly useful. Plus Elsa loves the Skill Power she gains moreso than the HP when it comes to the disk level stats.

In short Frozone disk isn’t as clear cut to be better than many believed it to be but still proves powerful especially in the current meta. That’s not to say Olaf disk is useless, just more niche.