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Dudes I am a newbie of this game. Can you please advise me how the friendship is enhanced. I have some stuck at level 7 and no progression any further. I have tried to use both characters in Surge, Campaign and City Watch, nothing happened. Thanks!

The best way to level a friendship to evolve the disk is friendship missions.


Friendships cannot be progressed through daily quests after level 6

But I don’t see any their friendship mission. Do you know the way to unlock them?

If you’re at level 7, then it is definitely unlocked.

Maybe you changed the settings such that u can’t see

Maybe you can press all in the missions choice that u choose and it shows u all the missions. Maybe someone is on another mission and u can’t use the same hero for different missions

This is just based on my experience with friendships; I too was confused about how it works and I think others may be stumped at times as well so I over-replied : Hope I don’t get too basic and that something helps! This is just what Ive been able to ken from knocking about and wasting a bunch of resources!

So friendships are based on mutual character level but unlocked through the lead character (the one who’s picture is to the left). Friendships are leveled up with their own special type of experience:Friend exp, and their campaign uses their own special type of stamina: friend stamina, The whole point is to equip the memory disk which is then leveled up through its own type of currency: Disk Power. Disks are then further powered up by collecting memories and leveling up the friendship in order to Evolve the memory.
So if Stitch gets to Lvlxx; AND ALSO; Maui is past that lvl: then the friendship is unlocked and it will guide you to a little dialogue between the friends and the game will prompt you with “these heroes have been spending time…” Order does matter: this is Stitch& Maui {Stitch(Ma)}, not Maui and Stitch, Maui has his own separate friendships.
-At this point you can only improve their friendship by using them on a team together. You only get 1fxp(friend experience) for doing it and you can only do it once per day. It is now a Daily Quest.
-Once you get to Friendship lvl3 you unlock the Campaign. These are map nodes that use friend stamina and yield 5fxp as well as all the typical loot from clearing a node in normal campaigns. The campaign chapters are locked based on the friendship level.
-Once you get to level 5 you unlock Friend Missions. These are timers that give fxp and eventually disk power and memories themselves! Each friendship has ABCDEFGH missions that take longer, require more heroes and badges to start but give more,better rewards. You unlock missions based on friend level. Each letter has its own mission exp; So you can level-up Mission C to Lvl5 and it unlocks more rewards for doing that particular mission. Please note: every time you maxx a mission to lvl5 it gives you 5memories! So a really good source is to progressively maxx out the missions.
Once a friendship gets to lvl6 you can no longer get daily exp and can only get fxp from Missions. Each chapter of the campaign is now locked until the friendship is leveled up. You will need friendship lvl10 to unlock and complete chapter8 and unlock the Disk.

To view your friendships you can either see them through the individual characters friend tab or
Campaign->Friend->bottom left is Friend Finder button. Inside here you can navigate through all things friendships. It has some filters at the top which are kind of buggy and can get stuck on an old sort criteria so sometimes it could seem like everything is missing. I have mine set to: based on Campaign and only shows favorites.
I find the UI for FriendFinder is awful- you cannot click back into the view, you will have to home screen-campaign-friend-FF all over. It’s an annoyance. But once you learn how to navigate it gets easier to track progress.

To improve friendships:
-Go find the database with the full memory descriptions; and see which ones you will want eventually and then go back to the game and change your sort to ->not unlocked and map out your future focus.
-While your friendships are new and you aren’t sending them on missions yet: create saved teams with whomever is still collecting daily quests. It doesn’t need any cohesion; you just want to be able to get the exp with least amount of stamina and time searching. Find an appropriate weak normal campaign node and run them. Rotate out once they get leveled past and edit in new as needed.
-For friend lvl6-10 where you are waiting to unlock the next chapter of campaign it’s two paths:
1)getting your A mission(2hr) to lvl5- which awards 5fxp
2) working on B/C missions (10/8hr). These will award more eventually but take investment.
I run quick A missions before and after work and have B/C running during work and then when I sleep. Getting a good 2hr vs 10hr rhythm will be good habit to form especially once you are farming H missions.
-Once your friendship Disk is unlocked and equipped:
1)leave a little room: a daily quest is to level up a memory. So if every memory is fully leveled right out the gate you will be leaving a lot of points on the table.
2) Not all memories scale evenly: some memories at 1star are intrinsically helpful to a characters kit(uncle scrooge/hdl) but then only improve frequency with more evolution. So buff lasts +2sec, decreases trigger by -2,etc.
Others don’t have a powerful effect until they are 4/5 stars(stitch/maui) but can be eyebrow raising. The ones that require that long term dedication hone your Prioritization skills. They will need more and more characters to start the missions and you can get jammed up starting one mission out of order and preventing starting the one you wanted- it becomes weedy to cross reference and track. But going all in to the point of excluding progress on multiple fronts isn’t nesc the best either.
The UI for selecting missions is also awful. I use the Friend finder- Then tap the characters image to be taken to their friendtab->missions->select the best available->then home screen;repeat. Navigating is not friendly.

Some warnings:
-There is always one useless under leveled character on every campaign. Don’t think of it as wasting resources; you will need them again later for missions and other friendships(looking at you Tia!)
-Some Friend Campaigns are very difficult. Do not get toooo upset if it seems impossible. It is;for now. I have had to throw mods, enhancements: complete an entire friendship campaign to make one of the characters strong enough to get past early chapters of the friendship I actually want.
-I’m not going to say Hoard your Disk Power but it has come up as a scoring mechanism in Contests and is not easy to replenish. See also buying memories.
-Juggling lvl15 friendships so you always have missions going can bite you if a key character is used on a very long mission; go back to prioritization and focus on the crucial memories.
-As far as I know there is no use for extra memories once you get to 5*?


Thank you so much for da in-depth explanation. It’s very helpful. :slight_smile:

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