Evade, Evade, Evade

I am trying to do Jafar’s friendship with Scar. But, on the 2nd wave of the fourth part of episode 1, everytime i use Snake Charmer on any enemy, they easly evade it and Jafar gets defeated easily.

Please help me!

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Have you tried powering up the other characters or changing their disks?

Episode 1 would mean he’s only using Jafar and Scar. I was actually going to tackle this disk soon but you don’t make it sound very fun lol

What are their levels?

Jafar is orange 3 and Scar is orange 4 and the enemies are orange 8. But i don’t know if it would be different for you.

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It is the same as me except my Jafar is Orange+2 and my Scar is Purple+4

I wasted over 1k energy with O7 scar on that disc fully manual
time scar silience to cancel enemy skill animation and learn what wave/character to snake charm
Try and error your in of the taoughest discs

Have you tried doing it manually and stopping Jafar from charming? His tornado attack does a lot of damage anyway so might be a better approach… or at least manual select a different enemy as the front enemy must be good at evading.

I think when I otiginally did this disc, I had to boost Scar as he was a key hero in this campaign for doing damage so I’d focus on him if I was you

Cheat evasion

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