Evil Buddy


“You took away my future, I’m simply returning the favor”

Syndrome is a back-line damage hero

Stars: :star::star:


Entrance: Syndrome gets down into the battlefield using his rocket boots

Victory: Syndrome crosses his arms and smiles

K.O.: Syndrome clutches his fists and stomps the ground

Basic Attack: Syndrome zaps an enemy with a jolt (A.K.A a blue zap), dealing X damage

Omnidroid Basic Attack: The Omnidroid zaps an enemy with a red laser, dealing X damage


White Skill: Omnidroid
Syndrome summons his Omnidroid, which stays in the battlefield for 15 seconds. While “Omnidroid” is active, it increases Syndrome’s damage and armor by X. The Omnidroid also gives Syndrome a shield that deals X HP, which lasts for (of course) 15 seconds. Syndrome may only have one Omnidroid active

Green Skill: Super Bomb
Syndrome throws a bomb at an enemy, dealing X damage. This is how the bomb looks like:
Then Syndrome sends out a small drone (the drone that is in Syndrome’s image, the gadget that has wings) to scan the enemy, studying them for 10 seconds

When “Omnidroid” is active, Syndrome steals X energy from the attacked enemy

Blue Skill: Zero-Point Energy
Syndrome shoots out a blue laser, surrounding an enemy with Zero-Point energy, freezing them for 6 seconds

Purple Skill: Mad Inventor
Syndrome’s Reality is increased by X


Syndrome - Hiro
“Good Influences”
Allies: Baymax, Quorra, Hector Barbossa
Syndrome’s “Omnidroid” now lasts 1 more second

Syndrome - Olaf
“Frozen Snow”
Allies: Gaston, Elsa, Frozone
Syndrome’s “Zero-Point Energy” now lasts 2 more seconds (increases by 1 second for every added star)

Mr. Incredible - Syndrome
“Fan Club”
Allies: Elastigirl, Jack Sparrow, Ursula
Mr. Incredible’s armor and reality are increased by X

Lewis Robinson - Syndrome

Hope you liked it!


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@Stanford_Pines_X its a good concept but I think he may be OP, if wall_E was on his team then its quite hard to bet

Welcome to the X FACTOR @Kayl0! The skill says Syndrome will steal X energy so that means PerBlue can deal with the amount of energy stolen. Anyway Zurg gains 25 energy every time he damages, which is why his White Skill is constant (most of the time). Also green skill’s happen like every 15-20 seconds so it’s not too OP

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Dude you did not have to revive this topic. I did make them. Press the link below the topic @Starwars7thor