Evil Dr. Porkchop (Hamm Character Concept)


Role: Tank

Position: Front

“You heard of Kung Fu? Well get ready for pork chop.”

Entrance: Waddles in position and throws a coin in his slot.

Victory: jumps for joy

Defeat: Trips and his change falls out

White: Death by Monkeys: a barrel of monkey drops on the enemies stunning them.

Green: Pork Chop: Chops the nearest enemy doing fantastic damage

Blue: Death by Shark: Mister Shark jumps up and take a bite of an enemy.

Purple: Piggy banked: Death by monkey takes energy from enemies and gives it to Hamm.


Scrooge McDuck

Campaign: A penny saved is a penny earned: Hamm helps Scrooge track down the creeps that stole from his money bin

Disk: Filthy Rich: Gives 2x credits

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Nice concept

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