Experiment 221 (Sparky)

Hello, I have yet another hero concept for Disney Heroes.
Name: Sparky
Description: Experiment 221, better known as Sparky, generates shields and attacks enemies with his electric powers.
Quote: “Cousin.”
Role: Tank
Pos: Front
Team: Blue
Starting Stars: :star::star:
Enter Battle Animation: Sparky is activated from his pod
Win: Sparky zaps around and laughs
Lose: Sparky falls down (Similar to angel)
White Skill: Electric Surge :sparkles:
Passive: Sparky gains a stack of Sparked every basic attack. For each stack of Sparked, Sparky gains X basic damage and X armor. Sparky also gains 3 stacks of Sparked whenever an ally KOs a enemy. Sparky keeps 75% of his stacks of Sparked from wave to wave.

Active: Sparky discharges his electrical power everywhere, using up all of his stacks of Sparked, dealing X damage for every stack of Sparked, silencing all enemies for 9 seconds, and granting all allies a shield with X HP for every stack of Sparked.

The silence has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.
Green Skill: Energy Conservation
Once per wave, whenever Sparky reaches 25% HP and he has at least 4 stacks of Sparked, he uses 4 stacks of Sparked to fully heal himself, gain 300 energy, grant himself a shield with X HP, and increase his max HP by X.
Blue Skill: 221 Intimidate
Every time a ally is KO’d, Sparky growls at enemies, gains 4 stacks of Sparked, grants all allies a shield with X HP, and giving enemies 2 stacks of Fatigue.

The Fatigue apply has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.
Purple Skill: Electrifying Experiment
Sparky gains 1 stack of Hardy for every 2 stacks of Sparked, and when he uses “Electric Surge” and “221 Intimidate”. If he uses “Electric Surge” on a enemy that is already silenced, he increases the duration of the silence by 12 seconds.
Red Skill: Circulated Energy
When Sparky uses “221 Intimidate”, he now steals 3 of a random enemy’s buffs, applies them to all of his allies, removes 100 energy from all enemies, slow them by 50%, and silences them for 10 seconds.

The buff steal and the silence has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+X Max HP
+X Basic Damage
+X Damage to “Electric Surge”

Sparky + Stitch
Campaign Name: Experimental Experience
Disk Name: Ohana Memoir
+X Max HP
+X Shield HP from “221 Intimidate”
The silence from “Electric Surge” is now a stun that lasts X seconds

Sparky + Dash
Campaign Name: The Need of Speed
Disk Name: First Prize
+X Basic Damage
+X Skill Power
Each stack of Sparked increases all allies speed by X%


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