Face of a man, body of a lion, and a tail of a scorpion

Bio: The manticore may look like some other lions from Africa, but this one is even more dangerous than them.

Position: Front

Role: Damage

Star: 3

Team: Yellow

Basic attack: Scratch the enemies with its claws.

White skill, Sting it: The manticore shoots out four spikes from its tail to the enemies, causing damage over time for 8 seconds.

Green skill, Bite of a lion(:sparkles:): The manticore bites the closest enemies with its needle like teeth, dealing X damage.

Blue skill, Sounds of what?: Manticore makes a voice sounds like a flute blown together with a trumpet, charming two enemies.

Purple skill, Scorpionlion: Enemies with damage over time now takes 50% less damage.

Less damage are reduced above level X.

Red skill, Mardkhora: Enemies who are charmed gains increased attack

+X basic attack
+X Max hp
+X Armor

Entrance: Prowls into it position

Victory: Roars

Defeat: Roars angrily


Manticore and Scar

Lions learn

Basic attack does fantastic damage

Allies: Ralph, Eeyore, Judy

Manticore and Sally

Poison making

Longer Damage over time

Allies: Huey Dewy and Louie, Stitch, Animal.

  • The manticore myth was of Persian origin, where its name was “man-eater” (from early Middle Persian مارتیا martya “man” (as in human) and خوار xwar- “to eat”). The English term “manticore” was borrowed from Latin “mantichora”, itself derived from the Greek rendering of the Persian name, “μαρτιχώρα”, “martichora”.

  • For unknown reason, elephants are immune to the creature poison spines

  • Manticores have a melodious call, like the lower notes on a flute blown together with a trumpet. Despite the beauty of the sound, most animals know to flee when they hear it. Humans would do well to follow their lead.

  • Manticore leaves no remaining behind, not even bones or clothes.

  • The intelligence of the manticore varies from animal-like to being able to mimic human speech.

  • In some stories, the manticore has a wing of a dragon.

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My first mythology concept. You thought that it was from Onward, didn’t you? Yeah, sorry about that. From the concept that I made about this creature was that I was formerly suppose to add a defeat animation of manticore similar to Scar, but I then realize that it would not make sense if I add that. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

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Yes I did enjoy the concept great work :+1:

Thanks amigo

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