Famous explorer

Charles muntz

(:star::star:, frontline, damage)

“I’m taking that bird back with me, alive or dead!”


Entrance:he walks in with alpha, gamma and beta walking along with him

this is what alpha, gamma and beta look like


Victory:charles gives a thumbs up while his dogs jump up and down in joy

Defeat:a squirrel runs past which gets the dogs to chase after it, tripping Charles muntz as they run after it

Basic attack:charles shoots enemies with a rifle, dealing x damage


White:take down the house

Charles calls in dogs in planes to shoot tranquilizer darts at enemies, dealing x damage to enemies hit and stunning them for 4 seconds

Green:leader of the pack

Alpha growls and then bites the nearest enemy from Charles muntz, deals x damage to the enemy hit

Blue:next discovery

Charles muntz uncovers invisible enemies for his next discovery, charles muntz now “discovers” invisible enemies

When invisible enemies are “discovered”, they will lose their invisibility and has their armor decreased by 30%

Purple:adventure is out there

Charles muntz and his dogs now deals 25% more damage to “discovered” enemies

Red:crooked explorer

Charles muntz now heals for x amount when dealing damage to “discovered” enemies


Charles muntz/oogie boogie
Feathered hat
poisonous darts

“Take down the house” now hits enemies with poison darts which deals damage overtime to enemies hit

Charles muntz/moana
Blimp or boat??
alpha can now break shields

“Leader of the pack” can now shred armor from the enemy in range

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