Fantastic and physical damage

I don’t understand how damage works for some characters.
Let’s mulan. 1 skill is written normal damage, but at this damage itself showed as fantastic and it gets an increase from magic runes.
Take pleakly.
It has all abilities written as physical damage, but at this abilities are increased from magic damage. But why does its damage increase when i reduce the targets armor?
Why should i put magic runes if he hits with physical damage?
I don’t understand.

What do you mean?

I assume by magic runes you either mean Badges or Mods most likely :-).

As for Fantastic and Normal Damage the difference between them is this:
Normal Damage: Non-Magical damage and usually physical based damage.
Fantastic Damage: Magical Damage often or magical-ish damage, or beams and energy based damage.

The Study effects makes Normal Damage Crit as in the enemies taking more damage.
On the other hand Scare makes Fantastic Damage crit.

In terms of Mods I think there are other players than me who are better at giving advice in terms of them, but I can try and help you with Badges :-).

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Yes yes mods i mean, i don’t know why I called them runes)

Mods increase Max HP, Basic Damage, or Skill Power. HP is self-explanatory, but Basic Damage increases the damage of a hero’s non-skill attacks and skills with an orange variable. Skill Power exclusively increases the power of skills with blue variables. Skills with purple variables (I believe Skellington has one?) are improved by both Basic Damage and Skill Power.

Yeah. The purple ones I remember are Jack’s basic attacks, Sally’s poison, Scar’s green and Hiro’s green. They show as orange in game tho

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Well, it is like this:

Green figure (realistically, more of a Yellow one) = Scales by Level ONLY
Orange figure = Scales by Level AND partially by Basic Damage
Blue figure = Scales by Level AND partially by Skill Power
Purple figure = Additive of Mod’s stat boosts (right now very niche compared to overall stats) AND the bonus levels added (exclusively on SP mods).

Look. Skill 4 is written as physical damage(normal). But why is it amplified by magic mod?
Is it physical or magical damage? If it is enhanced by a magic mod and is written in blue, then why is this damage amplified by a decrease in the targets armor as if it were physical? I use mister incredible on the team to lower armor for pleakle. So i don’t understand this is a mistake or how it works.


It’s skill power, a source of power for skills.

Blue because of trial team.


Excuse me but there is nothing like “magic mod”. Any SP mod increases the effects of a skill it gives bonus levels for. So normal damage it is.

Don’t you mean skill power boost all skills no matter if they do normal or fantastic damage.

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