Fantasy Villain Team-Up

The Halloween season is just around corner and you know what that means.

It’s almost time for another villain to be added and a possible villain team-up to be made. Which begs the questions: If your favorite villain who not in the game in yet is to be added, who would he/she team up with and what would be their dastardly plan (big or small) be for the city?


You did this just the other month. Halloween is more than 2 months away which is far from just around the corner. Try again Mid-Late October.


At least i’m closer.

Besides, villains come in October. If i do this in the month that villains are revealed, then it ruins the hype.

Look, what do you say we meet in the middle and say Halloween season. Okay?


Now that we got this cleared up, shall we continue?

Good Idea

Villains Collection Category

It’s a good idea but it’s off-topic.

I would love to see the Sanderson Sisters added to the game! They do come out at this time of year! They could team up with Maleficent and The Cheshire cat. Their dastardly plans would include but not be limited to sap/drain energy and Hp to the good alignment characters! (Having Binks or Billy Butcherson in the game would be cool too!) image

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Tomatoa, the crab monster from Moana. He would probably have good armor and a Blind. He would create a lair to hide and come out to find shiny things. So he might rob jewelery store or attack a Carnival

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