Farming Hero Chips

I need advice on the best way to farm chips.

Crates, campain

I barely have enough gold to use gold crates
I barely have any diamonds to use diamond crates
I always run out of Guild tokens
And I’m not VIP 11
So that means no VIP Crate
And I always run out of campaign resets

Yet that’s it. There are not so many ways. Some characters are easier to farm, cause they are in shops.

There isn’t really a shortcut I’m afraid. Farming chips takes time, especially from the elite campaign. But don’t worry about resets, just do as much as you can for the chips you want (without resetting) every day and you will get more stars quicker than you think.

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If i had a suggestion, it’s don’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

Badges are way more important - farm those, and let chips naturally accumulate. Buy what you can from shops, and the occasional diamond deal if you want, but it’s not worth extensive farming beyond that.

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