Fastest Way to Unlock Friend Disc?

Hi All,

Can anyone advise the quickest way to get a friendship to level 10 (to unlock disc)?

By this I mean, out of the 2 hour and 10 hour mission completion times, and considering the friend XP you get from these, which is the best option?

  • Stick to the 2 hour missions or,
  • Change to the 10 hour missions?

Don’t take into account Mission Speedups though.

I will work it out myself if I have to but I figured someone will have done already so better to ask :grin:

Fastest way is the 10 hour mission for sure.


two hours missions can get up to 25 friend XPs in 10 hours. 10 hours can get up to 30 friend XPs, so if your not check in every 2 hour. I will suggest you do 10 hours missions

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