Favourite heroes and war team planning

I noticed in war, some players put their top 15 strongest as defence. But as I learnt over playing the game since 2018, power isn’t everything.

Thus the question: What is your team like? Do you follow a systematic plan, where your team is based on specific characteristics? (like debuffs and/or special buffs) Or the team is based on a random selection?

I also taken some notes about enemies and their lineups. Some have heroes which although have been in the game for some time, it is favoured by some of my guildmates and enemies like Ian, Maleficent. But new recent characters like Carl, Russell and Kevin, Fred and many more.

What do you prefer to put in your war defense?

In theory you should level up the people and teams you use most. In hopes you war teams in general should be close to your best heroes.

That being said, some heroes are better at attacking than in defenses because they are easily countered. I for example animal I don’t like to see in defenses.

Pretty much everything can be countered nowadays. There are so many attacking combos that any team can be defeated. But if i had to build a defensive team i would have these heroes in mind:

Mad hatter (either disc), with max red skill
Megara (sh), because of the link she gives
Angel (st), because sometimes if she protects the right hero, you can turn the fight around
Kermit (go), because of the invincibility
Poca (ki), with max red skill because she enables numerous fast combos

And then, there are some “unstable” options like, shego,ron,bolt, disgust, mr Big. I call them unstable because you can’t predict with big certainty how they will react in battle. I mentioned angel before. If angel protects one of the heroes mentioned above, they can turn the fight around. These toons might also have high evasion. I like unstable heroes in defense because the attacking enemy might fail on it.

Finally, and probably most important, the mods have big impact on the defence you are building. Teams that have heroes with attack speed mods can be more dangerous. Some upgrades on lvl based skills, like Minnie’s purple skill can help you ensure that this skill won’t get evaded.

But, still, there will probably be three teams to counter someone’s full defense. All the above are just my thoughts on how to try and not get swept on one hit. Surviving once or twice during an attack is a huge win, during close wars!

U did mention a point about the buffs that keep them in battle. And the so-called unstable heroes. It’s true there’s an element of surprise sometimes, but if I were to look for the “stable” heroes, what examples are there and are there any disadvantages using such heroes?

And since the unstable heroes have an advantage against enemies, is it recommended to use such heroes?

I do know from most observations, there is usually a pattern in playing skills. Any start of combat skills will play first, or the basic attack. Then the blue skill goes next and next the green skill, if assuming that the pattern of skill play is not affected by the situation (ie. Only activated once throughout battle, or under special conditions)

If this is the general pattern of the skills that are first played, those heroes whose skills must be used under a condition can only use basic attack. Usually the basic attack is not a good attack form unless there are effects to improve basic attacks like energy reduction of enemies.


About unstable, it really depends what you call unstable. But overall war is pretty weird anyway.

Yeah, sorry.
Unstable is a hero that you can’t really predict how it performs. Shego for example. If she uses her white skill once she can wipe out your team. Unless you have invincibility or reflect on your heroes. So, she is like a ticking bomb. Ron is in the same category.
Chesire used to be in the same spot but he became outdated imo.

In war fights there is a freeze animation that stops the other heroes from moving. The timer is moving though. Heroes like tron, jessie, Colette that can cast right away freeze the battle animation during their cast. Same thing happens briefly when fairy godmother enters battle. When you spar a line there is no such thing. So you can’t fully predict how the war battle will go if you are using these heroes or if the enemies have them.

I agree about the nature of war. And other than those unstable heroes, I have seen others like Slinky, and when he was first introduced, skill power decrease was then a thing. I’ve seen him as my enemy many times, and usually, a big damage hit must come before his shields. And I know that shields aren’t always the best protection because there are counters. Despite the weaknesses of shields, heroes like Slinky are still commonly seen. Any other heroes to take note of, other than the unstable ones?

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