February 2022 Tier List! Y11 Max lvl 290 | Bendy

Hey guys! Just got finished with our February tier list! Thank you to everybody that joined the stream and helped vote on where heroes belong! Click on the image to zoom in and see everything more clearly.

This one didn’t see too many changes at all, especially compared to the ones from the past 3 or 4 months. The most notable change to me was the somewhat surprise vote of Dash out of Best of the Best and down to Really Good. I commented on how we’ve been seeing less Dashes lately and others agreed to the tune of about a 75% unanimous vote to put him down to Really Good. Now don’t get me wrong, Dash is still very strong, but I think he gets fairly easily countered by much of the current meta so he’s not quite as dominant as he once was.

Every new hero got voted into Really Good as well for now, we shall see how the 3 new heroes that nobody has access to yet wind up being over the course of this month, but for me I think Hopper has the most overall potential of the 3, while Pete has HUGE reflect counter potential that could lead to a big stir up in the game soon.

Hopefully these are some welcomed changes and I look forward to continuing to create these tier lists for us each and every month!

If you have suggestions for changes that you want to see to the next tier list, we have a survey that you can fill out so that your voice is more likely to be heard on the next stream even if you can’t be there in person! You may fill it out here: https://forms.gle/P7z95qp15pQvVb968

Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHGPXPUXGQSGcpFh00k7PSA

Discord Link: Bendyland

Printer friendly version of tier list if you’re into that sort of thing: February 2022 Tier List PRINTER FRIENDLY - Album on Imgur


Dash: Keep getting better and better badges, and now has over full negation and crit damage and almost guaranteed super crit. Makes shields suicidal. Not really much counters.

And he got down? On same tier with Mulan?

Weird seeing EVE so low and Sarah so high… or Angel and Wasabi on very top

I kind of agree, but Dash is quite easily countered by reflect (mainly Ian and DWD), Timon, Shank; Zeus and Bolt both destroys him, I feel like anytime I use Dash lately he just goes down way faster than he used to. Either way i’m surprised about Dash too, it was a VERY unanimous vote though, not even close even with like 20 voters on that poll.

Angel is absolutely still one of the best, her revives are game changers and her undodgeable charm is clutch. I use Angel in almost every lineup i make still.

Wasabi, yeah his time might be up too, Shego just overshadows him


It bugs sometimes, mainly against reflect.

Unless hardy.

And reflect will do nothing to Dash, or better, Meg.

Timon only will keep them alive for 10s, and then? Shank’s negation isn’t enough against Dash’s damage, unless you add Fear, but that’s already two toons to counter just him and it limits your line. Zeus is counterable also by reflect and Joy. And even if Timon and Shank are together but they have a shield… they will still die.

Yep… or even Jessie.

I hope Aladdin gets a hero refresh

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