Feel the taste of Death (Death DH Concept)

Disney Heroes Concept

As a late Halloween present, here is Death!

:star: 1-Star
Role: Tank
Position: Front
Team: Red (Duh)

Bio: Death, the skeleton who collects souls for above and below, uses his scythe and “deathly” touches to win the battle.

Entrance: Death will hover in, holding his scythe.

Defeat: Death will drop his scythe and disappear.

Win: Death cackles

Basic Attack: See White Skill

“. . .”

White Skill: Your time has come
Passive: Instead of attacking, Death heals himself X HP every second.

Active: If an enemy is below X (Level 1) HP, he will rise his scythe and slash at the enemy, immediately KO’ing them.

Green Skill: Deaths Icy Grip
Death’s hand will touch an enemy, freezing them for 6 seconds while also taking X (Level 1) damage.

Blue Skill: A void underneath
Death ignores 50% of any damage that is dealt to him.
The effect is lowered if below level X

Purple Skill: A balanced World
Death’s opposing enemies now have X (Level 1) less armor.

Red Skill: No second chance
Any enemies that have the ability to revive now can’t revive.
If above level X, the ability has a 75% chance of failing.


Death and The Beast
Scary Monsters
Death’s Your time has come will now scare all enemies. The scare will last two seconds. (1 star)

What’s his role?

This is a cool concept

His role…What do you think fits him?

I would say tank, since its basic attack heals him… :grimacing:

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