Finding a way around the chat rules


To keep this PG I won’t go into details

But the other night on global ppl ware having…( trying to think of a way to say it without getting fflagged) let’s just say they ware being inappropriate and detailed
They didn’t say any words thst got Censored but still found a way to do

Point being is there a way to stop it ?

Sorry if I’m unclear on what I mean want to keep this PG


Yes…I have seen it myself and unfortunately if they get permanently silenced they just make a new account and redo it all over again


and on top of that - you can block and report


Yes I can and I have but like @Aragorn said they make new accounts and personally while I do not encourage it it’s not the end of the world it’s more the kids…I mean it is a kids game after all


This is ridiculous…change your server. Server 8 has nothing like that.



That’s a advertisement for one guild


Well…not that bad…i have seen worse…one worse is there guild name adults only by any chance?


Idk I think there may be but I’m not sure that screen shot was taken on server nine


@Polaris is there anything that can be done about it ?


OK I have checked ( sorry it took so long ) yes there is ranked 6th


Not at all, I reported a player who sent me some very inappropriate messages 4 weeks ago and yet nothing happened. The account never got silenced or taken down. All I am saying is perblue is useless at taking down accounts who harass and break community guidelines. I reported this person more than once over 4 weeks ago now and yet nothing has changed, he is still allowed to play and I hate him for it


Just trying to figure you out @Witch_Hiro

You blocked this guy and reported him yet you know for a fact he is on global still. 4 weeks is a long time. If he harassed you again, then you could report him again. Unfortunately this isnt gonna work out anytime soon.


Other people can see he is on global, my requests have been ignored, he clearly broke the community guidelines yet nothing happened to him and I won’t stand for it. How come other apps can remove someone in less than 12 hours but nothing has happened to him in 4 weeks. Seems like a flawed system. Why have guidelines if everyone can break them with no consequences?


Not necessarily. It depends on how many silence he has received. If he received one, he would have a 24 hour silence.

Two, 48 hour silence. Idk what happens after that cuz I have only had two.

If he is still causing trouble then he will be silenced by others. If he is not, then he learned his lesson and is behaving.


This was taken by @Aragorn on his own subject on the matter but here is another


You forgot to mention this one is on server one ! Creeps are all over :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My point is that there should be none at all or at least a system that WILL get rid of them