Finishing creep surge

My guild is running into a problem because we have some people that are unusually skilled in surge, as well as a bunch of active players that participate in surge. We are not a super high ranked guild, but we finish surge on the hardest setting quickly each day and not everyone can participate. We’ve had to implement turn limits (to 20), which is awful for the skilled players.
My question is if anyone else is running into this issue, if you have any strategies, and if anyone is aware that a new surge difficulty may be added soon.

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As far as I know, Setting limits to number of areas allowed to be cleared is the best you could do

If people are consistently clearing more than 20 tiles, I wouldn’t say that they are skilled but rather that they are farming.

You could try asking them to stick to tiles appropriate for their power so weaker members have a chance to hit

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It’s tough! Back before we had so many active players, we depended on these people to get us through surge. It feels pretty bad forgetting those times now that things are different. But we’ve had a suggestion to allow harder surge areas (we usually ignore areas 1-9) from someone else in the guild too, and I think your idea of attacking appropriate areas kind of fits in with that. Thanks for your ideas!!:smile:

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We have to set a restriction on 8attacks. For 15 waves… we need 18 or more waves. Because with 8 attacks members already got 1mil points

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