Fix Auto fight in heist

Why does Auto fight randomly turn off in heist? That’s really annoying. If I want to use Auto fight in heist 100% of the time, there should be a way to toggle it on and leave it on. Auto should not randomly turn off, there should be a way to make Auto fight automatically on for every fight you want. once you toggle it on, it should stay on until you toggle it back off again, no matter what fight you’re fighting.

Odd, I have the opposite problem: any time I end a fight with Auto turned on, every single fight for the rest of the heist starts with Auto on, no matter how many times I turn it off. And since I want to conserve my heroes’ energy, so they aren’t crawling around the map like turtles with steel-plated shells, it’s a very annoying setting to contend with.

Unfortunately, at least 80% of the playerbase and PerBlue themselves don’t care a whit for heist, so nothing will ever be done about either issue.

Well I agree but I don’t think they care about anything except making money… I do tend to agree that per blue doesn’t care about anything but making money. If this feature bug was losing them money, they’d fix it in a heartbeat

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